Dr Sebi Benefits Of Breastfeeding With Sea Moss


Dr Sebi: Yes.

Audience member: Two quick questions, my family is from Jamaica my mother she’s what you would call Indian and my stepfather is Chinese, I would, but culturally I would say that they are black. With the same rules of eating and the herbs applied to them even though they’re not ancestrally from Africa.

Dr Sebi: Well, my grandmother from Jamaica from Saint Catherine and my grandfather from Haiti and the other grandfather from Cuba and the other grandmother from Belize so you think you’re mixed up. What about me? And it’s working.

Audience member: Well and also really quickly with this, are you able to fast when breastfeeding and if so would it change at all?

Dr Sebi: No, well while you’re breastfeeding you should eat, eat Sea Moss. Drink Sea Moss. Don’t fast now. But breastfeed as long as you can, don’t stop because Chinese have the babies suck on their breasts nine years. My daughter was only eight years and she didn’t have to go to school that breast milk is powerful.

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