Dr Sebi Herbal Remedy For Nausea And Vomiting


Audience member: Yeah, I would say thank you to, I have a friend who’s in the hospital now she’s been in there two weeks, I’m trying to talk fast, for the last two months she hasn’t been able to eat. She had been constantly feeling nauseous and throwing up, she has a Umbilical hernia and an abdominal hernia, and she’s suffering. She’s starting to like lose her memory and not remember things. Her eyes are looking like she has vertigo because they move it to the side and her legs have become weakened and she’s not able to really walk, they want they drew fluids of for her spine to see what’s going on. Is there anything that I can take her? She’s in the hospital. Is there any? Can you give me anything that I could take her?

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Dr Sebi: Go there, and I know you could buy the Green Food Plus and she would see relief within an hour. That’s guaranteed. Because my wife gave away a package at a meeting like this. She wrapped her off and a woman won the Green Food Plus. It brought her pressure down, her sugar, her energy went up her husband came the Monday or the Tuesday. He said I came to buy the treatment and my wife said, okay. So my wife putting all the bottles on the table said no, I want the treatment. That’s the treatment over there. He point to bottle in the showcase. He said that’s the bottle.

Audience member: So, do you think that will help her nausea?

Dr Sebi: Take it to her and see.

Audience member: What would be the bad thing about smoking marijuana?

Dr Sebi: The bad thing? God didn’t hear you say that (Audience laughs).

Audience member:Would you say smoking is good for the lungs though?

Dr Sebi: Well, I’m a poor candidate to address that because I begin to smoke marijuana at age 14. I’m 74 now, 73 so I’ve been smoking for 59 years. My brother didn’t smoke. He died 20 years ago, and he died at 50.

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  1. Hi, I’m battling acid reflux and refuse to take medication for it. Whats something that I can take here that’ll help?

    1. But do you have any suggestions for vertigo? For me i think it’s a symptom of leaky gut. It is triggered by certain foods.. Like high histamine foods. Thank you

  2. Hi there,
    I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which is inflammation in the colon. How do I heal this? I really need you’re help. I’ll get symptoms like blood in stools and because of this my iron is always low.

    Please help
    Thank you

      1. Am going off but all my stool isn’t coming out. Scans done show I have stool building up in the lower right side. I also fell like I have a small golf ball top of my stomach. When I lye on my back I feel the discomfort in the center top of my stomach in the middle just under my chest. What can you recommend to help me?

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