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Herbs For Treating AIDS Dr Sebi

AIDS Dr Sebi
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Question: How long ago did you cure your first?

Dr Sebi: 1984. 1984, these documents what they show is that we cure AIDS from a positive to a negative HIV level, here is one, this is from the Italian hospital HIV positive Hospital Vincente de Antoni he is positive in the next page from the same hospital the same young man, he is negative. The attorney general Mr. Robert Abram whent on the air and said that he would have put me not in jail, he would have put me under the jail. I was looking at him saying that right here in New York on television, I watch him say that, but I knew that this white man didn’t know that there was one black man stashed away someplace that has never been to school and doesn’t read books and that that black man by not going to school is coming with a different premise, a different foundation.

He was totally unaware, I knew that I knew he was helpless. So when he said that he’s gonna put me under the jail I said he’s in for a big surprise. When I went to court on the Thursday the judge said that I will have to bring one of every patient: aids, blindness, diabetes, lupus, herpes, sickle cell, impotence, paralysis and others, 9. I didn’t take nine to the Supreme Court I took 77 people with accredited medical documents, diagnostic sheets and to just go like this. I only want 9.

Well needless to say with that kind of presentation I’m giving and it’s exhibiting this the Jewish came back and said practicing medicine without a license, not guilty, because he doesn’t sell medicine. The Lancaster Laboratories identify our product as being natural vegetation cell food, not guilty proclaiming that he cure AIDS because he does, and he approved it. One of the thing that we found in the treatment of AIDS is this, two things we have to do simultaneously. One of them is to remove the cause of the presence of the mucus which there is something in the intestines that need to be removed.

Simultaneously we have to nourish the body back to health which requires two substances. It’s a compound of calcium and the other is iron, but when we talk about iron we have to be very careful, because there are two forms of iron. One that is ferro sulphate, that iron would cause you to bind and prevent you from using the toilet, but the other iron is a vegetable iron one that is obtained from plants. Such as the Sarsaparilla, the Burdock, the Yellow Dock, such as the one that we get from Honduras the Guaco, the Contribo, the Hombre Grande all these herbs are heavily laden with Iron.

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Upon giving this to the patient you would see that the condition would be changing immediately. One patient was reversed in 17 days, Alex Suarez in Honduras.

Interviewer: And was the aids at the level of almost dying?

Dr Sebi: What they call HIV-positive it was Karposi Sarcoma, so you know you’re on your way out. You see again when I make the statement that I cure AIDS it is impossible, virtually impossible to believe that the statement is correct and true. Two reasons: first reason, the physician claims that there is no cure for AIDS, but why should we take the word of the physician? What disease have you cured in 500 years using inorganic and carcinogenic chemicals. He have not cured anyone so when he tells us that there is no cure for AIDS, well what’s new.

Interviewer: So you cured AIDS by cleaning the body first?

Dr Sebi: By cleansing the cause of AIDS, which is the mucous membrane. The second reason why it is difficult for my brothers, especially my brothers and sisters to understand it and to believe it it’s because if a white man doesn’t do it how could you and if you’re doing it how come they are not promoting you. When I asked you the question my black race, why should the white man promote me or us. Who should be the promoting them or us and because we have been so compromised we begin to see that the prejudices that we have against each others ain’t working.

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