Red Clover Remedy For Endometriosis Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

And as for the sisters, you see this boy here isn’t it all over the place. It’s right in the yard next door. In the fields it grows crazy and what is this? Called what? Red Clover. Nothing better for a woman uterus than this. You make a douche with this and you drink it. You drink this and you also make it for a douche . Like if you take a good handful of it, a good lot of it and boil the water put in the soap. You make a douche, endometriosis, vaginal discharge, weak muscles whatever, Red Clover.

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But you see we were not shown these things in school, right? So we don’t know, but it’s right there for us. Right in the next yard. There is life not a in a supermarket. Yes ma’am. How’s that? One thing about plants. They do not contaminate, they convert waste into good things. A natural plant, that’s a natural plant. When we talk about plants, you talk about the process of growth and life in a plant is photosynthesis, right? How the plant grows through the process of photosynthesis, is it right? That’s not all, that’s only for unnatural plants. Natural plants are powerful things, they convert the Sun and they also convert the mineral from the soil. An artificial plant like Comfrey and Burdock, not Burdock… Uh, Comfrey, Goldenseal, even Peppermint. Can’t do that, no. They are good, I don’t care where they grow.

3 Replies to “Red Clover Remedy For Endometriosis Dr Sebi

  1. Have any of you ladies tried Dr. Sebi’s suggestion? Were you actually able to cure endometriosis? I have never douched, I was always told we shouldn’t douche because our body naturally cleanses itself with every menstrual cycle but at this point I’m willing to try just about anything (obviously there is something wrong since I have endometriosis and my body may not be cleansing itself as it should). I did order myself a bunch of Dr Sebi’s recommended herbs and have been consuming them as teas. Any thoughts?

  2. I could have heard wrong but are you sure Dr. Sebi didn’t say douche instead of tush. If he did say tush, what exactly does the mean? It sound like he said to make a douche with the water of the flower.

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      You may be correct, I have heard it wrong, he probably meant to say douche. The word ”douche” is French for ”wash” or ”soak.” It is a method to wash out the vagina. Thank you for noticing it, I will correct it immediately.

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