Why You Shouldn’t Eat Hybrid Foods Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes, ma’am. Yes the sister.

Question: Actually, I wanted to ask about kaolinite and Psyllium Husk, is that good for you or bad?

Dr Sebi: Psyllium husk? And what else you said?

Question: Kaolinite.

Dr Sebi: That come from a volcano. They both are very harmful, don’t even deal that. Remember, to heal the body… Maybe this is where I should, this lecture just begin to get good, right? To heal the body we want to give it things that it is already composed off. And the body definitely is in alkaline state. The body itself is alkaline and it is composed of what? Carbon based. Psyllium seed? Psyllium seed is acid isn’t it? It was made.

You see, anything that was made in a laboratory must necessarily be acid because men cannot triturate, trituration, that’s the word. He cannot, in other words… May I have that umbrella? Nature since creation maintains the way they should be. Men come and found them that way. We found them already made for us to indulge in, right? But what men does, he say well I could see if I take a soursop and a coconut and put them together I’m gonna get a cosop.

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Right? But to bring these two things together that was not originally put together by nature, you have to use a binder. That’s the trick, for them to come together and unite. Because they were not suppose to unite, but men take and use a binder. Which is a chemical and put them together, that’s a violation. The other is that it is half coconut and half soursop. Is there anything in nature that is half anything? No. Thank you. I think that that’s a beautiful description isn’t it? See how easy that was, you are a scientist.

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