Herbs For Iron And Calcium Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: A zebra does not tell, ask a giraffe, how come you don’t have stripes? Nature made him with stripes. It did not make a giraffe without, with stripes, but they are both equitable. See we have to begin to understand what it is to be different. Not better, not worse, not superior, not inferior because you’re not inferior to anyone. We just happen to play a unique role. A role that I will explain right now. A Burdock plant, you go to get what mineral?

Last updated on October 27, 2020 9:23 pm

Audience: Iron.

Dr Sebi: You see – iron. Sure meaning that the predominant mineral is iron, but then we go to the Dandelion.

Last updated on October 27, 2020 9:23 pm

Or just take the Shavegrass. Shavegrass what you go that for? Calcium.

It’s coded to ingest calcium. So the black race, the black race is coded the same way, like the plants. Look at the eagle, it eats meat. Not the macaw. Doesn’t eat meat, it eats seed because it’s coded. The flower of the Burdock is what? Red, purple and white. But then the Dandelion is what? Yellow. You see, but which one is better? They both serve their purpose. So what is this thing about, I have to measure up to a white man. Man I have to measure up to nature. Not better.

Right now we happen to have the ingredient that would maintain harmony and peace on the planet. That’s racist. Why? Because we hear that the Japanese have the best cars, right. They make the best cars and the best cameras. Well, what do we make? We make the best medicine in the world. The black race again. You see, when we thought that we have nothing to offer, we have the best medicine. We cure AIDS. So who does the world have to depend on now to cure their diseases? The black race.

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      Most herbs are used as supplements. To be healthy make sure that at least half of your diet consists of fruits and vegetables.

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