Herbal Remedy For Nervous System Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes sir.

Question: Thank you Dr Sebi. My nerves started to go bad, do you have a product for nerves?

Dr Sebi: Yes, the Nervino. Everybody’s asking for the Nervino and I thought that I was doing something good for you. So I I put together the Brain Food, but I consumed Nervino the other day and I realized I made a mistake.

I never felt so good and I wonder what did I take today that is so different, I always feel good, I always feel energy. I always have the energy, but I didn’t have that calmness. You know that serenity. And I remember that it was the Nervino. In fact I told my wife this morning while I was talking to her. We got to bring back the Nervino. So you’re right, you’re right. It will be back. Mr Charles Grey will be carrying that.

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