How To Heal Hard Drug Addiction Dr Sebi


Audience member: Ok, the real question I have.

Dr Sebi: Yes, ma’am.

Audience member: For the young people that are on drugs. I’m interested in knowing if you have a cure for that. Because according to statistics, there’s only less than 3% that can come off it and go on.

Dr Sebi: Well according to statistics there is no cure for any disease. So if we go by statistics were wrong again. Now what is addiction? The addiction comes because of the deprivation of energy. Iron. The first time that I treated alcoholism, I gave the man large doses of iron fluorine.

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The man no longer drink and 12 years has passed and he hates to even pass around a bar, where you could smell it. So, with the other drugs, the same thing happened. I mean it, it works then. We raised the level of the energy. You see, you’re looking at an ex-drug addict. Not any length of time, but I used cocaine. Of course I did. It was good, I felt oh wow. You snort the stuff and you feel like hey I’m back. Because as a young man you have a lot of energy, as a young man, but as you get little older the energy begins to diminish. It plummets, you see what’s going on here?

Then some, one of your friend says “Hey man try this” and you snort this cocaine. Wow. You remember when you was 18, but it is false because when it drops you. It drops you below where you were before and you become dependent now to raise it up again now. And dependent, and dependent and dependent. Nobody healed me, I had to heal myself. So what I did was is to give people large doses of iron fluorine. That now, remember, the cocaine will bring you up and drop below than where you were. Bring you up and drop you lower. Bring you up and drop you lower, but iron fluorine gradually brings you up and never to drop. It holds you here, you become relaxed with the energy.

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And the need for the cocaine just cease. Heroin, I did the same thing. Alcohol, cocaine, crack everything. Yes ma’am. But there’s another thing with the young to know… You could go sit down now. I brought the young sister that are on crack. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re telling us that they need us, they need love. They need love. We can criticize them and say, this lowdown no no no no. Because we’d appear and started them off by putting salt on the table and we prepared them to be drug addicts. We don’t want that anymore, we’ve got to give them love, right? Because love is what it is about.

I mean it is love, you know, there’s nothing else. And with that love that you give them “mama didn’t say anything today, mommy’s not angry at me. Wow.” Now daddy, instead of daddy coming in here with his rah rah, he coming and he sit down and say “Baby I’m your father you know and you know I love you. I don’t know how to help you, but I heard this man that said that you could be helped and I want to help you.” I did it with a woman in Puerto Rico and she wasn’t even my friend. Her name was Maria. Maria would sit on the sidewalk in Lopez Sicardo. A neighborhood worse than any neighborhood in Philadelphia. You talk about crime? They used to kill two people every day in Lopez Sicardo and I used to go there anyway.

And I found this lady, this young woman 23 years of age stick on the sidewalk, just waiting for someone to give her five dollars to buy a little bag to go fix and put in her arm. So I used to go sit by her every day. She said who are you anyway? Are you a preacher? No I’m not a preacher. Then why you messing with me? I said because I want to know how come you have so much testicles, much larger than mine, that you elect to throw your life away. Girl, I wish I could do that one. I wish that I could just forget everything and go after this drug like you doing.

And she said look you, and she starts cursing me with some very ugly words “Do you have some money?” I said, I got some money. “Well give me five dollars” And I left. Came back next day, there was Maria. “You come messing with me again?” I say, yep. And again and again and again, I give her five dollars. I know what you’re gonna buy, but I would talk to her. One day Maria wasn’t there. Five years later, I live in Puerto Rico for 14 years.

Five years later, one evening of around five or six o’clock, I had someone to walk in my house, Sebi, Sebi, Sebi. I said Kuku, Kuku is the name of the fella. He used to have horses that run in a horse race. Kuku said, you received a letter. Oh for Maria with a little picture of a little girl. Maria said, that of all the people in the world that she remembered was me and she want to tell me the story after why she was sitting on that Sidewalk. Her father abused her sexually, her uncle abused her sexually. Now when a father abuse her daughter sexually and a father to a girl is like next God.

You know how much a girl love her father and then for him to abuse her sexually. Who does she go to now? Who is left on this planet for her to go to and tell about her feelings? Her father is having sex with her, she said to me, in the letter that she remembered me, she remembered me and she remembered me. She could not get me out of her brain. She went to the, she came to New York from Puerto Rico and she cleaned up with her sister because she remembered me. And she went back to school, got her degree and married a man and she have a little girl.

You see, that’s love. That’s stretching out for someone and I know that if we were to just stretch out… Select one young girl in the neighborhood and say, she is my target. I’m gonna get this one. You’d be surprised how much you’re doing. I know Mr. Charles Gray told me stories about what he have done with many children here in Philadelphia. With the school, people who used to shoot up and kill people. Now they’re productive people. Sure, but they need what? They need what you and I need, a little bit of it. They call it love.

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