How to Prepare Sea Moss Gel Dr Sebi


Audience member: Dr Sebi, uh I was thinking of Sea Moss. How do you prepare Sea Moss? How long do you keep it in the refrigerator?

Dr Sebi: Sea Moss? If you just take the Sea Moss and you boil it and keep it in a refrigerator and every day you want to use some… Oh incidentally, when you boil it, it may be a little bit stringy in there, some of it. When you pour some off, but don’t throw away that that pulp. Put it in the blender and blend it up and it blends to liquid again and you mix it with the other one. Put it in the refrigerator and every day you want to use it, take a little bit out. I use Sea Moss in soup. I make pudding out of Sea Moss.

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Audience member: Do you add anything else other than Sea Moss?

Dr Sebi: Oh, but of course depending of what your going to do with it. Like in the soups, you put all the condiments of a soup. But if you want to make a pie, you put the condiments of a pie. Like the vanilla, a little bit of cinnamon. Oh well there’s only one sweetener that could be even allowed in the body – maple syrup. Maple syrup grade C, C. Maple syrup grade C, M A P L E. Grade C. Yes sir.

Audience member: Grade C only, right?

Dr Sebi: Grade C.

Audience member: Fine, I had another question. Has a, you know west Indies that use other type of additives. Like cream, sweet cream,

Dr Sebi: What you say, in the west Indies?

Audience member: Yes.

Dr Sebi: They put milk in it?

Audience member: Yes.

Dr Sebi: They call it ice in glass. I lived in the West Indies. I’m part West Indian.

Audience member: But no cream at all?

Dr Sebi: No sir.

Audience member: Thank you.

Dr Sebi: No milk, that’s adulterating it.

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