Natural Herbal Remedy For Bleeding Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

Because as a young man you, because these grew up with, his name is Lee Weaver. Who is also an actor in Hollywood. Lee hated me, Lee hated me, he hated me with a passion because his wife that you may have seen on room 222. She works, she is the manager of my office in La Tatanisha. Tatanisha came to me because she was a little overweight and she was feeling bad wearing glasses. You know and her, you know instability of her menses. You know all that right? Premenstrual syndrome and all that. She said, could I work part time? I said sure. But after she worked full time.

She liked it, she say you know the job I had, I was running out and I would like to work for you doctor Sebi. I said well that’s fine, you got the job, because she’s good. Her husband said you stupid, hmm you working for that black man? He never gonna pay you do you, that nigga ain’t going to pay you. You know how niggas are, they never pay you. I said how much would you like for me to pay you as much as. She said so much. I said you got it. He still disbelieved his wife, he hated her because she no longer a movie star. So about three months ago, maybe four months ago Lee is going to make a movie in Detroit.

So the plane stopped in Chicago and he suppose to make transfer, but when he’s at the airport he started bleeding profusely and the doctors couldn’t stop his bleeding from his anus. They rush him to the hospital. When they get them to the hospital, his bleeding continue. Doctor didn’t know what to do, they call Ta-Tanisha. I said Ta-Tanisha, take the compound and go to Chicago. She flew, one hour after she gave him the compound the bleeding stopped and the doctor said, what did you give him? I gave him doctor Sebi’s iron tonic.

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When Lee came back, there’s nobody he loved more than me. But the reason why Lee took the position of disliking me, it wasn’t that he hated me. Black people doesn’t hate, we love the very white man that burned us. We fight for him, we know we love him too. That’s in us, we love. So Lee didn’t hate me, but the food that he been eating was undermining his thinking.

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