The Mind, Soul And Spirit Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

Look at the imposition. Look at the abuse. I slept by for years and listened to that and watched that, even today. Nothing I could do You think I feel good when I watch a brother eat a piece of lamb chop? You think I would know the damage he’s doing? And when I thought when I stopped eating hog that I stopped eating the trichina worm. That was very bad for me So I stopped eating the pork and I decided to eat the lamb. And when eating the lamb I didn’t know it was a thousand times worse than pork. It had the anthrax germ, prostramolin. You see, It catch you going and it catch you coming.

So, in this category over here there are products. There are products that goes under this category. But to show you how imposing they are and inconsiderate they are. Look what they are going to do. The products under the natural could be seen, the product under the unnatural you could also see, but the product under the supernatural… A little girl. Akila, no not Akila, her name is Taina. You see we talk about truth. Yes Chicago, we going to share that today, the truth.

Taina is sitting in the back of an automobile while her father is driving me to do a lecture like today, but the lecture was going to be at city college at New York. Taina, her and her brother asked me: Dr Sebi, what are you going to talk about today? I said I don’t know. Well when will you know? When get in front of the audience. He said, why don’t you do me a favor. Why don’t you talk about the soul, mind and spirit. The little twelve years old girl jumped up and said, you better not. You better not.

You better not because you know I hate you. I hate you and I would always hate you. Well she had good reasons because I removed cheese, butter, eggs and meat from her diet that she liked so much. But the little girl had a vaginal discharge that would’t quit. Well know she noticed that even though she hated me for removing her ice cream and her eggs and her milk, her vaginal discharge stopped. She said, even though I hate you, I like something about you. You tell the truth and if you talk about the soul, mind and spirit, you are a liar.

A twelve year old girl is going to talk to me like that? Yes she did. You are a liar. I said, why Taina? Because those things did not come out of reality, they came out of the imagination. They are unreal. From that day onward I stopped. I thought that I was right, but I weren’t because this twelve year old little girl letting me know that I was saying things, that I thought or believed that I know, no. As a healer I cannot be in the zone of belief, I have to know or I don’t know. Because if I give you Mullein, but instead of giving you Mullein I gave you Fox Claw, because they look alike, I will kill you.

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Because I believed It was Mullein and It was Fox Claw. You cannot work as a healer in the world on the environment of belief. You got to know or you don’t know. So Taina stopped me from being a liar. And I used to use it, I’m spiritual. And I know I’m going to eat some glazed ham, but I’m spiritual. Okay, what makes me so different from those that aren’t? I claim It, I’m spiritual.

You see, It doesn’t make me better than you that doesn’t happen. So, Dr Sebi see that all of this stuff over here had to be omitted. And decides on the journey of that black woman in the jungles of Africa. And I begin compounding these plants, using only alkaline plants. Why? Because I want to make sure I want to make sure, I don’t want to cheat you, I want to like you. I don’t want to come to, in front of the face of your brother with something other than the truth. And the truth is what you know, not what you believe.

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