Why You Should Be Consuming Burdock Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

You find this. You find that, we gonna put it into categories. We are going to draw a line and another line. We going to put natural. Natural, unnatural. There is another category over here. I’m not going to put it there yet. We have natural and unnatural, why would we entertain unnatural? Why would there be, they would not be able to see it. Why would there be a category of unnatural? We are natural people. Why do something unnatural? So under natural we going to put Burdock.

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Burdock, why? It is electrical. You know the Burdock plant, grows right there in Chicago, grows like mad all over the place. It has energy, iron, it’s electrical. Under the unnatural. Aloe Vera. What is the difference, you see the natural plant is made by god or nature. The unnatural plant is made by man. So therefore, there has to be a difference here. The difference is, when you select from this category, the unnatural state. You are introducing acid to somebodies body. You are not being truthful. Either because you are unaware. You were not helped by those who were suppose to help us.

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