Benefits of Yellow Dock Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

I told the lady who came to pick up this stuff for her mother. I said give her a bottle a day. On the second day it was doing was doing it’s thing and the disease was forever gone. This is electrical. This is the only electric substance on the health market right now, this product. But you know I want to say this, coming to this church, I want to talk about these herbs. Many of you know this herb, right? Burdock, if you take the root and boil it the water will be energized.

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Don’t you know if you take the flower from this plant and take the seeds that will come out in the fall, around December, November-December. You will see the seed on the plant. Pick them off and you grind them and you make a salve and you put it on a sore that would never heal. That would never heal, it would heal. Here’s another one, it grows in everybody’s yard. You seen this, right? In about another two months this will be brown brown brown. It’s called Yellow Dock. When you take the leaves When you eat these leaves you get more energy than any, what you call it the kale. This is natural. When you eat this you get energy. But if you take the root, it has an outer root, you peel it off.

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Last updated on October 1, 2020 2:21 am

And the inner root, you boil it. Your nerves will feel so nice. When I was in Memphis, when I left it the last time. I was in Memphis. It was all along the highway. I had everybody pick it up, yellow dock. This will need a big pot. So we want to OD on it. Yeah we want to OD, after all it’s good. And I’m already 65, I want to be young again and why shouldn’t I. That’s right I want to be happy. I could drank the whole pot and after awhile, I said wow, I want to go outside. My sister said that’s the same thing I was thinking and we went outside and we lay down and it was so nice. It was a peace, that you can tell an experience. The root of the Yellow Dock. Please try it.

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