Best Alkaline Herbs To Eat Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: And here we have the last one.

Audience member: Greetings Dr Sebi. I met you and in fact professor Simmons in Houston.

Dr Sebi: Professor Simmons used to teach where? I didn’t hear that.

Audience member: Professor Simmons…

Dr Sebi: That’s okay, take your time.

Audience member: Professor Simmons introduced me to you at Victoria 5.

Dr Sebi: Oh yes, when I give that lecture.

Audience member: A couple of years ago.

Dr Sebi: Yes sir.

Audience member: I have a quick two part question. What green vegetables are hybrid? Shall I say what green vegetables aren’t hybrid. And are multivitamins beneficial or detrimental?

Dr Sebi: Thank you, now the young man asked what green vegetable are not hybrid. Lamb’s quarter. It’s growing out there right now. It’s a leaf about that long, about this wide. It tapers off at the top, you can see it all around Philadelphia. Lamb’s quarter. Who knows it here? Oh oh, there, there’s a lady. There is a lady that knows the herb or the plant. That is energy, that gives you energy because God made Lamb’s quarter.

What other green vegetables exists on the planet that is neutral? Well I took miss Denise Murray to a natural spinach. The little leaf is about this small and it has a beautiful pink flower. That’s the only one that I know in Honduras beside this one, but I just remember another one that the young lady just scream out and said – Dandelion.

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That is a very good herb young lady. Thank you.

Audience member: Poke salad.

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Last updated on October 27, 2020 8:24 pm

Dr Sebi: Poke salad and it, I forgot about him too. Poke salad, correct. See you have three or four now. You have the Lamb’s quarter, you have the Dandelion, you have the poke salad and the one in Honduras, which is the natural spinach. I eat broccoli sir, but I know that broccoli doesn’t have any food value to it. And the reason why it does not because it’s made. You see God made this body and who should be best equipped with the knowledge of feeding it? God or man?

Audience member: God!

Dr Sebi: Thank you very much. Now we go to the other one.

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