Dr Sebi Explains African Bio Mineral Balance Diet


Interviewer: This is because of this premise of genetics that you have created the African bio mineral balance and if so could you explain what’s the difference between the African bio mineral balance diet and the other health diets on the health market.

Dr Sebi: Well in my previous statement I said that the difference is that… I mentioned one of the difference, like for instance, we talked about the rice and we talked about the soybean, which are acids. Which are part of the microbiology. We talked about the ying-yang, the ying-yang also shows us rice and the Ayurvedic and the allopathic. So we showed that, that portion of it, but the other side of it is that the African bio mineral balance was constructed using substance that came from the environment. The same environment that the black man was placed in by creator and creation. Which is the tropics, the rainforest. Naturally the substance would necessarily have to come from the same environment, from whence he came. So that it would have the same electrical value. So we constructed it by creating these compounds, such as the Maya as known today.

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We have the Lymphalin and we have the Nervino and many other products.

But these was, they were constructed or the compounds were made of herbs that came from the tropics that are very high in alkaline, alkalinity. We find such herbs as the Cocolmeca.

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We find herbs the Corazon de Jesus, which is very very high in food. So, right there we are not following the same premise as other herbalist. Why? Because they uses Comfrey, they uses Peppermint, they use Foxclaw and all these are hybrid herbs, Which are incomplete molecular structure. An incomplete molecular structure is something that was created through hybriding. Hybriding means that you’re gonna create something that was not created by mother nature and that you want to fit that with in this cosmic procession. No, if it was not created by mother nature then this substance should not be included in this whole procession because it would cause an imbalance.

And as we look closely at hybrid food we find that everything that is hybrid needs a binder and the binder is always a chemical. So therefore we find some that would never assimilate with you. You see we come into the process of assimilation now, we left the African bio mineral balance encompassing all of the elements. Naturally, we have to talk about everything because everything is interrelated and everything complements.

So we find out that in arranging the diet, we have to consider everything that could be of usefulness and we have to know of everything that was not of usefulness. Like the usage of comfrey. Comfrey contains starch. Starch is carbonic acid, but you find that many people who call themselves dietitians or herbalist from a natural perspective, they use comfrey. They also use, what, like I said Foxclaw, which is a very poisonous plant because it is a hybrid plant.

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