Herbal Remedy For Prostate Cancer Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

All of you sitting in this room. You don’t have to tell me what you have. You don’t. Why? God’s medicine cures everything without you saying a word. That happened to me in Dominica. The policeman came to me. No his wife came first and she said, doctor Sebi, I have been monitoring you and you have cured a bunch of folks. I want you to cure my husband. I said where is he? Oh he’s not gonna come because first of all he’s a policeman, he’s tall, he’s big, big muscles. He gonna feel embarrassed to come to see you.

Why? Because he’s impotent. How many of us have the nerve to say that they are impotent. Well I’m not one. When I was impotent, I told the world I’m impotent because I want to hear there was a cure for this stuff because I was over 30. So the policeman, being a policeman, how could he come when he’s a cop. He can’t bring himself down. So she said, could I take him the medicine, I said sure.

Take him the medicine, here it is. And by the way, behind your house I know or around your house, in the fields around there’s a plant that when you touch it, it goes right to sleep. Who off on the tropics here this evening? Who are from Central or South America or the Caribbean, from Jamaica? Are there anyone here from the tropics? From Puerto Rico, no one here from the foreign countries. Well Mr. Charles Grey and Miss Denise Murray was in Honduras and I showed Charles. I said Charles watch this plant. I touched the plant and it curled right up. They call it the sensitive plant. There is nothing in the world that addresses prostate inflammation or prostate cancer like the Sensitiva.

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So I told the lady, they call it simekotwa in Patwa. While in Dominica I learned to speak somewhat, some Patwa. Not much, but enough to listen and probably some words, but not like I do Spanish. Spanish is my first language, then English second. I learned English in the United States not in Honduras. There are very few people speak English there. And when I was coming up as a little boy I was 20 when I left. I don’t think there were about a hundred people that spoke English. So we didn’t care for it because you can’t use English in Honduras. It’s a Spanish country, it’s a Spanish-speaking country.

So, I came to the United States and I learned English. So, the man now, the policeman, wife left the evening with the compound. I went to town the next day. I’m walking the street of Roseau. Roseau is the name of the capital of Dominica. When I walk the street, this lady come running in the middle of the street. Dr. Sebi! And everybody looks around, even including myself. I was astonished. “My husband and I made love last night like we have not made love in four years”. That is another part of the story that it was so gratifying to know. This woman waited for her husband to make love to her four years. Four long years she waited, she waited and she waited, but she waited and she waited for Dr. Sebi to arrive in Dominica.

Little did I know that I was going to have to perform that particular work, but it happened. She waited four years. Saying that a woman has that kind of patient. We men, we don’t believe that. There is no one in the world that is more abusive than a man that is impotent. Why? Because you think his wife is running with someone else because he can’t perform. But this woman waited four years, so I was able to see the resilience of a woman, the elasticity of a woman.

Yes, then he came to me and he said “how could you heal someone without seeing them?”. I say now this is a joke. This have got to be a joke here, he said “why?”. I said how many people have you seen, how many urologists have you seen? How many internal doctors have you seen? How many general practitioners have you seen? You saw them right and they didn’t cure you. So, what seeing someone had to do with healing? We forgot God! It’s the compound that God made that heals, not me.

You don’t drink me, you drink those herbs, right? I could give you all the compounds in the world to address all the disease that you may come with and you sit there talking to me and talking to me for a 100 years. You gonna die because you didn’t take the stuff, but we have this belief in our head that the laying on of hands is going to heal you. Yet the Bible said that the herbs are for the healing of the nations. So what’s going on? Ain’t no laying of no hands, your colon is obstructed. Laying on of hands is not going to remove that. And if you don’t believe me, take someone that’s blind or diabetic to someone that laying on of hands and see how good that’s going to be. Try that.

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  1. Hello ! I have been putting off Hernia surgery for over a year and half. It now has grown to the size of a softball…the hernia that is. Is there a natural remedy to shrink it or dissolve it alltogether? By the way , I am 72 years of age. … and a male as well. Thank you.

  2. Hi greeting, did Dr Sebi has any suggestion for fibroid in woman? the fibroid are in their early stage and coursing miscarriages. Thank you

  3. Hello thank you for all your replies and helping people, God bless you all. I wanted to ask, in the article it mentions the sensitive plant or sensitiva for Prostate inflammation, or prostate cancer.

    But what are the herbs he used to cure his ED or erectile disfunction. In the other article it mentions that he fasted for 57 days and that on the 57th day he had an errection, after all the mucus had drained from his body and brain. But please can you please email me or tell us what were the herbs, and teas he used to fast to cleanse him self of mucus, and lastly how did he take the herbs daily. Please help I am desperate thank you so much. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    P.S. I can fast for 57 days I just need to know what to do, and what herbs to buy and use, thank you again

    1. Hello, thanks for the good words 🙂
      In another video Dr Sebi talked about his products Viento and T1 (or Testo) that would cure ED. Generally Sea Moss is used when fasting, also Dr Sebi has mentioned that Sea Moss raise vitality and libido.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Family
    Im 40 year old i work out but im suffering early ejaculation and when i ejaculate i wont be able to get another erection for hours,
    what plant to use?

  5. Hi all
    I have my sister who has Diabetes, what herbs can i recommend her to use?
    and my father is his 60s suffering of Prostate cancer very advanced level, what herbs to use? he is doing chemo therapy which i dont agree of.
    Please help.

  6. Great article
    Great article.
    What would Dr. Sebi prescribe for a bladder infection with a symptom of a very noticeable odor? Cannot go to work because of the odor. Anxiously awaiting your answer.
    Thank you.

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