Dr Sebi Explains Viento Benefits


Dr Sebi: We have a product. I Said to my friend Timothy, Timothy is a barber, we should go to the barber shop. In the barber shop you hear all kind of conversation, but it’s never one that is good. Which people, boxers, who’s the greatest boxer. Mike just told me, you’re in the wrong business. I said why? Cause you heal people. You need to break ribs to get millions like Muhammad Ali. He bust people ribs and he’s famous. The other one, the brother, Tyson, he bust your ribs too. He get millions and here you come curing ribs and they don’t even recognize you.

So I told Timothy, Timothy I am going to make a product that is going to heal black folks and I’m not gonna charge what they charged me. When I went to my healer he charged me two thousand dollars, 1963 Cuernavaca, Mexico. Alfredo Cortez said, I guarantee that you will no longer have diabetes and that’s forty years ago isn’t it? Who cure diabetes today? There aren’t any Institute in the world that cure diabetes. He cured me forty years ago and now I’m curing diabetes and nobody hear about that either. I told Timothy, I am going to make a product that’s gonna sell for no more than $80. And it’s gonna cure everything that you could possibly think of. I brought it down to this for only $50. This is the Viento.

This is a product that I tried it first on my mamma. I wanted to hear what she had to say because my mother is always criticizing me. She said, well finally you did something that really works. She said it works. Pain, bowels, energy, sex. It was right here. This is my latest compound. I have condensed all of my products to one, the Viento. I take it every day. In fact, I took some yesterday because I knew I was coming.

I didn’t sleep last night, I haven’t slept all day. This man had me up all day and I only took two of these. And I still have energy. This is not a vitamin. Vitamin has no place in human life because vitamin are dead. They are non electrical, this is electrical. This is considered by the Supreme Court as natural vegetation cell food. Natural vegetation cell food is electrical. Everything that God makes is electrical, anything man made not so. So, I am promoting my latest product, my latest product.

Audience member: Is there recalling?

Dr Sebi: No there ain’t no recall here. I know that tonight you have heard many things.

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