Dr Sebi Hair Food Herbal Remedy For Thick Hair

Dr Sebi:

The last one, the Hair Food. This Hair Food is made from a plant from the forest of Honduras. You may have heard of the Mosquito Coast. In the Mosquito Coast lives a tribe of people known as the Wika people. I would go visit them once in a while because they do have all kind of things knowledge with herb, they have a lot. In fact no one dies there by a snakebite, not even dogs. The most poisonous snake, no way, they deserve. it’s a flower from a plant that grows like a, like a palm. They call it Batana. The Lafleur de Batana, the flower of Batana.

Last updated on October 27, 2020 3:22 pm

This will make your hair grow and it will give it luster. It is just the best, magnificent, it is good. That’s another product.

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