Dr Sebi Herbs For Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure


Audience member: See also years ago my father got out of the hospital and he was, getting feeling very weak. This was like 1988 and his name is professor George Simmons and I remember Paul was feeling very weak and he didn’t know what to do. So his friend sent them to dr Barber Justice and Jeff and she looked at him and she said all you can do is really is just pray, and wait, and wait to die. So what happened was a few of my father’s friends took him to see doctor Sebi over here. And my father if you recall the first time you met him he came to your office tell you all his problems. He was this and that and you said that you didn’t even look at it. He said you were busy reading something.

And you told him, don’t worry about it you’ll be all right in a couple of weeks or a couple of months. He said you’ll be back teaching with, you know without too much of a problem and low and behold my father followed what you told him to do and he was back teaching. He’s running around now. And now he’s done your Institute and he went down there with a lot of different abnormalities, diabetes, prostate cancer, high blood pressure. You know a whole bunch of things and he said within two days of being down there he was ready to run some Olympic events.

Dr Sebi: And he did and his sugar was down to 93 and the limb which was supposed to be amputated, no longer had to be amputated. Oh and his hair is growing back, did he tell you?

Audience member: Yeah.

Dr Sebi: His hair is growing back where it was falling out. The village you are talking about is here. This is the village.

Interviewer: Okay, then hold it there for a few let’s get a nice tight shot, all right.

Dr Sebi: We see the tanks of the thermal waters, this is the Usha Village in Central America. And you see these tanks that house the water they’re holding tanks. The thermal water contain a pH of 8.8. It is not like what they have in other places. I heard that there’s a hot spring in Cottonwood Alabama. We don’t have a hot spring in Honduras. We have a thermal spring and the different of a thermal spring is that the thermal spring is precipitated by volcanic activity. Which mean that the water has a high concentration of sulfur and phosphorus. Not so for a hot spring, a hot spring is precipitated true a bed of zeolite that’s under the ground. And as you know that zeolite is a mineral that boils water. That doesn’t necessarily make it thermal.

Interviewer: What makes the difference?

Dr Sebi: That one has sulfur and phosphorus and oxygen in large amount.

Interviewer: Which means what to the body?

Dr Sebi: It means that the body is receiving a large amount of hydrogen ion concentration that relaxes the body immediately. It plays a very good role on the central nervous system. Stress is gone immediately after you enter the water. And that was the first thing that I did for the Professor when he got there. I said before you eat or go to sleep you go down there and you take a bath and we took him down there, he took a bath. Next day he was rejoicing.

Interviewer: Now what happens when stress is relieved from the body?

Dr Sebi: Well the body begin to normalize itself and the hormones begin to take their message where they should go. When there is a nerve condition hormones tend to contract or retain or they don’t do the work because they are held back. There’s a nerve condition, you know, like even the muscles contract. The face, the muscle your face contract when this muscle. Problem, when is nerve problem, Bell’s Palsy is one. Bell’s Palsy is caused mainly by emotional reaction and it pulls the muscle in the face to one side. And when the person relaxed again the muscle relax.

Interviewer: So the remedy in Bell’s Palsy is to get into an unstressful or relaxed state in your situation would be to take one of these baths.

Dr Sebi: That’s right. It’s not one of these bath’s, you take bath twice a day. And then you take also the therapy, the internal therapy. Which is what? The pavana, the Cordoncillo Negro, the Cypress.

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These are plants that you will never hear in the American Standard pharmacopoeia. You don’t even hear these herbs in the mouth of the herbalist in Honduras or in the United States. And for that matter even Honduras, you go to Honduras and ask people the herbs I use they don’t even know them. Because they are too busy reading herbal books and they are not in the herbal books. And those that are in the herbal books are hybrid.

Interviewer: I wish very much that you could meet Dr Anthony Handoff, he is I guess they call, you can keep it over there. He is called an ethnobotanist. He went to school and got that.

Dr Sebi: I don’t think I want to meet the brother now. You know not because I would not like to meet my brother, but I can’t exchange or even entertain someone that has been educated. Remember I said, the reason why the healer is not healing today is because he has been educated. You want to hear a beautiful one above all else Dr. David Aencu. Dr. David Aencu is a member of the Smithsonian Institution. There is a program out known as east meets west. Meaning African or Eastern medicine against Western. They begin to show where this African and Africa. Took some herbs and put on this lady head because she was crazy.

He took a knife and open her skull. He took some smoke and he smoked her around and Dr David Aencu is talking about the herbs of his people, he’s from Ghana. And he’s a member of the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. David Aencu is the brother that is looking for the cure of leukemia using the pink periwinkle the rosy periwinkle. Well, I don’t know how Dr Aencu aspect to derive from the rosy periwinkle the cure for leukemia. When the rosy periwinkle is also a acid plant and as for leukemia, we have cured leukemia long before Dr Aencu even dream of coming on with the rosy periwinkle. But we go back again and we find that in the end of the program east meets west which is approximately 25 years old program showing, comparing western medicine against ancient medicine and guess who wins every time.

Interviewer: Ancient.

Dr Sebi: No. No, no. Western medicine, the allopathic. In the end Dr. David Aencu and his colleagues said “Well, you could clearly see that traditional medicine you know is allright, you know, but it falls short because you can’t really measure the dosage and for consistency, so modern medicine is by far the best.” and the end of program. I said that was so beautiful, but I knew that the day would come in which the philosophy that dr. David Aencu is supporting and the African bio mineral balance would come face to face one day. And it happened.

Dr. David Aencu called me and said I’ve heard about your works on leukemia, but we are looking for the cure of leukemia with the rosy periwinkle. I said dr. David Aencu, sir we already cure leukemia, so you could just squash that. Just go to something else, but that’s 12 years ago that I told him that. 12 years ago black America and still now does not show the interest into our health and healing the way we should. All of the healers in New York and I could call in names they all read books. If I take dr. Phil Valentine and dr. Love and Dr that this dot dot dot dot dot into the forest, they wouldn’t know a natural herb from an artificial one, but we can’t blame the brothers. They was ill prepared because they were prepared by Caucasian.

Interviewer: On the subject of you are not wanting to meet up with a particular individual. This is for clarification.

Dr Sebi: Yes.

Interviewer: It’s not that you don’t want to meet them but based on your experience in dealing with individuals who come with certain credentials and paper from the establishment or the system schools that you know that there is a great difficulty in a back-and-forth and a sheriff. Your response.

Dr Sebi: My response is this. We are told that the brother and the sister want me to meet us an ethnobotanist. What do they cure?

Interviewer: He researchers different plants.

Dr Sebi: I’m only asking what do they cure, research is a hundred and fifty years old. We could research and research and research and research and research, we want a cure. We don’t want to research, I just research research research. What does he cure?

Interviewer: He tells you that you can take that well cure.

Dr Sebi: No hold it, how does he know that? What does he cure?

Interviewer: He’s from Africa and he was taught by his father, grandfather so forth and he says he only uses plants that are from the homeland.

Dr Sebi: Do you mind if I ask the question again? What does he cure?

Interviewer: Any disease.

Dr Sebi: He cure AIDS? Well, that’s good if you cure AIDS. I’m the only individual that have diagnostics sheet showing from five different laboratories around the world that they have been cured of AIDS. I don’t say It. I got diagnostic sheets and that’s important. Who else have those diagnostic sheets? Thank you. So I can’t lend myself to someone that says that it does, where’s your proof?

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