Dr Sebi Hybrid Herbs And Kalawalla Benefits

Dr Sebi:

Common sense tells us that if Hippocrates, Imhotep and Claudio Galeno, not necessarily in that order. But the three men used herbs and that they were successful in reversing disease. What happened now? Not only have we failed as far as being effective in helping others to relieve themselves of disease, we have compounded and added to it using the herbs that we are using. What do I mean? It seemed to be a contradiction because if Mr. Imhotep I, Claudio Galeno and Hippocrates use herbs and herbalist today are using herbs, why aren’t they as successful as Claudio Galeno and the rest?

That is the common-sense, part of it. If they cure we should. Why aren’t we? Well, we will remove from the rhythm of life. We will remove from the path that helps us understand those things that are natural from those things that are unnatural. Because if those three doctors use these herbs 2,000 years ago and was successful we in modern times should be even more successful than they were, because we always attribute time and development, science to knowledge. But the fact of the matter is We are falling short.

We are falling short because the herbs that Imhotep, Hippocrates and Galeno use are not the herbs that are being considered today as far as healing is concerned. What is the difference? There’s a big difference. Remember what we said on the onset that we were not prepared for the journey of healing as we thought we were, we were not prepared because today we find that the herbalist are using comfrey. They are using chamomile. They are using goldenseal, peppermint, aloe vera and many many many many more that are all hybrids, they all are artificial. That is the difference.

How could I Sebi aspect for my brothers and my sisters who practice the art of healing using herbs where the molecular structures incomplete because they are artificial. To understand that, when the very school that was attended support that position. Oh It becomes difficult because now our brothers and sisters. Not only in Africa, the United States, the Caribbean, also in Central America are using hybrid plants. What happened to the uses of the natural herbs? Something must have gone wrong. Something must’ve taken place to divert us away from this path. Well, something did happen.

The healer was educated. The healer cannot be educated, but from one source, mother nature, Pachamama. I shall call in certain, certain levels and certain cultures. Pachamama could only be responsible for educating us in the art of healing no other entity of philosophy because all the philosophies have failed. Like for instance. The philosophy of using comfrey to strengthen your bones. Only add starch and acid to our system and compound that particular problem. The other is, that I could drink wheatgrass juice, carrot juice, beets juice. I received from that nutrition, that is impossible. Why? Because they are all artificial. Wheatgrass juice contain sugar and starch. Two of the greatest enemies of the human body, but our brothers and our sisters in New York definitely recommend wheatgrass juice with pride, you mean this is a chlorophyll.

I agree with the position of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is one of the most effective and quickest way to heal the human body. But the chlorophyll would have to come from a natural base and wheat is not a natural product of life, so therefore the end product of wheat would necessarily be an acid one and that is the subject. Acidity versus alkalinity, acidity has but one purpose. Acidity enters the human body to destroy cells, to cause cell erosion. Alkalinity on the contrary, alkalinity comes to support life and to maintain electricity. So, a hybrid plant opposed to a natural plant and we would use two. We will use the Kalawalla which comes from this part of the world.

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Is a natural plant, It’s a spore plant. The molecular structure is complete, deeming it electrical. Not so for comfrey, goldenseal and the rest, they are hybrid. Meaning that they were made in a laboratory. Being made in a laboratory, naturally it has to fall short because to tie two things in a laboratory you need a chemical. In other words if you have to bring two plants together that ordinary would not have joined each other’s true chemical affinity.

Force together is what makes things hybrid. You have to use a chemical to bind them. If man could make an artificial plant to equal in production, to equal in value as that, which is natural then men says that he is God, Impossible. The human body is the natural one, the cells are electrical. The human body shows the ability to move, to produce motion and there is nothing on the planet that produces motion, that is non electrical. There must be necessarily the presence of electricity. A hybrid plant is non electrical. Why? Because a man made it. If man could make an electric plant then he’s saying he’s God. He could make something to complement the human body, that is impossible. You don’t even want to go there.

So, we see now, that the reason why we have failed to compliment, simply because we were not prepared for the journey. As for myself, I didn’t prepare myself for the journey. I was prepared and why do I say that because I had listened and read many many many books from Ivan Kirkukoff the Russian, Alma Hutchins the Canadian to Mr. Christopher the American, Jethro Cross the American and many many. Geronimo Rodriguez from Brazil, he wrote a book las plantas current, plan cure. I have read many books Spanish and English. And out of those books healing is absent.

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