Dr Sebi Maya Electra for Energy and Iron

Dr Sebi:

So, for those of us to be electrified. We have made and put together the Maya Electra. The Maya Electra is guarantees that upon taken the first tablespoon and the first day you will felt the respond. Because you will feel the presence and enjoyed the response of the presence of iron phosphate. While we talk about iron because iron is by far the most important of the mineral kingdom, in the mineral kingdom. That mineral is by far the most important, why? Because it is electrical like the rest but it has magnet. It is the only magnetic one in the whole ramification of life, iron. Why iron is so important because upon taking iron we take all of the minerals proportionally balance. So the Maya Electra was put together using 14 of the highest contents of iron in the bounds of mother nature.

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Ensuring that you would be electrified. The other made is the Bolo, the Fucus, the CC4. These are for therapy, these addresses when there is a condition that is of great need of pathology presenting itself. We recommend that you take the Bolo, the Fucus, the CC4 and others that makes up this intra cellular package. The Maya Electra is not to address any particular disease, although many has claimed that it removed tumors, it stopped this sickle cell, it raised the energy immediately, which it was intended to do. It raises the level of energy instantaneously the Maya Electra, but because it is iron and iron has a tendency to fight inflammation. It is by far the most effective agent in combating inflammation and that is the seed of the disease. But we made it to address only energy not to cure any disease.

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  1. I have erosive gastritis and suffer from inflammation throughout my body someone gave me a bottle of Maya liquid I am wondering if that is good for my stomach and my inflammation

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