Herbs For Mucus Removal Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

So at the Usha research first we wanted to know what was disease, what is disease because it seemed to be misinterpreted. Everyone is talking about departmentalizing or individualizing disease. When you have diabetes is different from having leukemia, when you have sickle cell anemia most certainly is not like leukemia, they are different. When they are not, they never been different.

They’re coming from the same source, the mucous membrane of our biological structure has been compromised meaning that the mucous membrane has been broken and wherever that broke has taken place, that break has taken place. We determine the disease that you would manifest, like for instance like a we always say if the mucous membrane has been compromised in the nasal passage it is what sinusitis, in the bronchial tubes bronchitis, on the lungs pneumonia, in the pancreas diabetes, on the brain schizophrenia, paranoia or Parkinson disease, insomnia.

Depending where the mucus is located. So we took the position and we maintained that position that there is only one disease manifesting in a thousand different ways the compromising of the mucous membrane. So that led Maa and I to think about not only addressing to one part of the body but to address the total body. Because the body is all interconnected and interrelated we can’t treat one side without the other, so we say just go for it. An intra cellular cleansing self-explanatory, cleaning every cell that makes up every organ and system that totals the biological you.

Meaning cleaning all of you, not only your colon like many have decided to do. To concentrate on the colon, no we concentrate on the whole human body. Cleansing the human body is only about one part of the whole journey, the other is bringing back the energy that was lost by the presence of disease. That energy is supported by minerals, live minerals: phosphate of iron, phosphate of calcium and phosphate of everything that we’re going to use will have to be phosphate, why?

Because they and they alone are electrical. So as we recommend the intra cellular cleansing we know that the person in question patient or client has suffered the loss of energy by the presence of such disease. So, a part from part one which is the cleansing, now we have to revitalize the system because it has been weakened. We can’t select Comfrey and Goldenseal, Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Echinacea.

Last updated on October 27, 2020 8:24 pm

No we have to go to Kalawalla, we have to go to Contribo, we have to go to Cordoncillo Negro and we have to go to the one that I favor most of all the Pavana, now we are talking about electric herbs for an electric body.

Last updated on October 27, 2020 8:24 pm

After we selected these plants, these electrical plants, we made these compounds. In administering these plants, these compounds we see that immediately in less than 24 hours our patient is saying, I am already feeling the effect of these medicines, or this food. Why? Because they are electrical. So there is an intra cellular cleansing and the revitalizing of the cell.

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  1. Hi Can you help with curing Alzheimer? And what can I do to correct eye vision? that is to restore it? thank you!! Great website!

  2. Hello Mam or Sir,

    Please forgive me for asking this, but I have read, I have watched videos, everything seems to go around in a circle and not very clear to me. PLEASE tell which is for removing the mucus from the entire body, cellular cleanse. I can’t find it. Will removing the mucus cure herpes as well? Or please tell the herb to purchase for this too. Is there an email that we can make contact besides a public platform? Thank you for taking the time to do this to help others in need.

  3. Hi I read through the article. Good information. I’m not exactly sure what Matico herbal infusion tea and Croton oil is used for or do these substances contain any of the herbs that Dr. Sebi is referring to? How are these two tied to the article by Dr. Sebi on mucus removal or are these just commercials placed on this page?

    1. You need to go through a cellular cleansing process for no less that 30 days..but it depends on how long you’ve had the disease….

  4. I went thru radiation and chemo therapy for cancer 5 years ago. I’m cancer free now, but I suffer from the side effects of those treatments. Can you recommend something to cleanse, then restore my body.

  5. There is mucus in my stool.. I lost some weight. Lost my appetite. I feel tired even after sleep. I am worried! Can I get some advice?

  6. Hello can you suggest other sites that may have 100% NATURAL PURE CROTON OIL (CROTON TIGLIUM) CARRIER OIL AROMATHERAPY 5ML-500ML and Matico Herbal Infusion Tea (30g) 1.05oz amazon no longer has any of these please help thanks

  7. Hi, 5 years ago I became very weak, hard to breath, couldn’t stand on my feet, couldn’t walk much either. My doctor didn’t find anything to treat me. It was lots of stresses that I went through. Now I’m much better but my body is still weak, I get sick easily. Some exertion and doing some work would wipe me out. Do you have any suggestions to recover my strength? Thanks so much.

      1. Hello I was told I have mucus in my body and that I have lupus I took medicine doctor gave me and broke out I stop taking it I’m not on any medication because I don’t believe the doctor because I never ever had a out break until I took the medication so I would like to know what can I use to clean mucus out my body I have anxiety and extra beat in my heart but they said it’s not dangerous I don’t take medication for that either and my vitamin d low as well I’m 33 years old and have 1 son

    1. Hi if you have a lung infection they will always prescribe antibiotics which you use exclusively will lower your immune system and can eventually compromise it

  8. How can I reach out to Dr SEBI I need to ask him dosage for the three herbs recommended for mucus removal.

    1. I’m sorry but Dr Sebi was murdered for curing people about 4 years ago. I’m a follower of Dr Sebi though, I used his teachings to cure all 5 of my diseases. For the dosage, dosage isn’t really as specific as pharmaceuticals, unless the herb can be toxic you shouldn’t need to worry about the dose. Always do your homework on the herbs you plan on using to make sure its not toxic, like Contribo for example; which is Dr Sebi approved but can damage the kidneys if not careful. A normal dose is about 500 mg for most herbs, which is about a size 00 capsule (buy vegan capsules if you can), or 1/8th teaspoon. If you’re using 3 herbs together you should cut the 500 mg dose three ways so its still 500 mg for a dose but has all 3 herbs in it. You usually take the dose 2-3 times a day. They’re herbs though, unless they can be toxic you can’t really overdose besides just throwing up more than your body can handle, but you won’t die from it like a pharmaceutical. Its best to just take the normal dose though so you just don’t waste the herbs. You’ll be just fine. (: Good luck. ^-^

    2. There is no longer a way to reach out to Dr. Cebi, He has passed away unfortunately. Continue to look into his work and contributions to the medical world for more content.

      1. He was murdered by big pharma….simply because if he was alive…this covid scam would be null an void bringing an end to the medical technocrats

  9. What to use to cleanse for loss of bloodflow to bone joints(avascular necrosis)?
    Also anxiexty/depression?

    1. Niacin. High dosage of niacin 1000mg 3 times a day. But be careful of the redox. It usually last a week or 2, but after that ur body gets use to it. Ur skin will start to burn or itch and may even even get red(all over ur body). It’s a natural reaction to niacin and that’s how u can tell it’s working. It only last a week before ur body gets use to it and only last about an hour before it subsides. It cleans the blood and is natural solution for treating anxiety and depression, even schizophrenia. It helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It boost energy naturally.

      1. Will these herbs help with Eustachian tube dysfunction? Would love to know which I would need please.

    1. Hello,

      These herbs may help, but are not directly for that purpose. Search on this site to find a more appropriate remedy.

      1. Hello, what Herbs would you recommend for Ulcerative Colitis? Active for the past 8years.. have just started the Dr sebi alkaline diet.


    2. Hello, what Herbs would you recommend for Ulcerative Colitis? Active for the past 8years.. have just started the Dr sebi alkaline diet.


    3. But he never said the herbs to use to remove the mucus from the body. He only said the herbs u use after u remove it.

  10. Hi, I suffer from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. First how would I go about doing a cleanse and what can I do about the issues I am dealing with per Dr.Sebi? Thank you so much!


  11. Hi I’m wondering what to take to help with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE) Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic, allergic inflammatory disease of the esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth to the stomach). It occurs when a type of white blood cell, the eosinophil, accumulates in the esophagus. The elevated number of eosinophils cause injury and inflammation to the esophagus. This damage may make eating difficult or uncomfortable, potentially resulting in poor growth, chronic pain, and/or difficulty swallowing. Thank you

  12. Hi I’m wondering what to take to help with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE) Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic, allergic inflammatory disease of the esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth to the stomach). It occurs when a type of white blood cell, the eosinophil, accumulates in the esophagus. The elevated number of eosinophils cause injury and inflammation to the esophagus. This damage may make eating difficult or uncomfortable, potentially resulting in poor growth, chronic pain, and/or difficulty swallowing. Thank you

  13. Hello am Matsiko, thank you for the video,
    I wanted to know what herbs I can use to treat my hepatitis B. My viral load is 5000ml and I haven’t shown any signs of the disease.

    1. Hello,
      Currently I don’t know a specific herb for Hepatitis B. My suggestion would be to follow Dr Sebi nutritional guide.

    2. Firstly see mhfm1(dot)com in order to take care of your obligations to truth.

      Secondly you must live a moral life.

      Thirdly this formula will cure you provided you adhere to proper diet:

      Chaparral, Blessed Thistle, Contribo, Quassia, Ortiga, Bugleweed.

      If you have the powdered version of these herbs then equally mix them together. For example if you want to use 1 teaspoon of Chapparral then make sure you use 1 teaspoons each of the other herbs as well.

      It is important to realize that for every teaspoon of herb powder you use: you must joint it to one cup of water. For example if you use 1 teaspoon each for each herb (that’s a total of 6 teaspoons) then you must mix it with 6 cups of water.

      Dosage is 3 tablespoons 3 times daily or more. If the taste is too strong you can water it down a bit. Buy spring water or distilled water or purified water to mix the herbs with. Drink a lot of spring water (or purified water) daily.

      If you do not have the powdered version of these herbs but the plant version then reply and I will instruct you how to cook them.

  14. Hello. Thank you for the video. What herbs would you recommend for Lupus Nephritis? Stage 5 kidney failure and Lupus has been active for 15 years.

      1. Hello l love the idea to treat the whole body with herbs. Can you tell me which herbs lowers blood pressure?

  15. Hi, can you share the herbs or any insight for Sickle Cell Disease accompanied with Pulmonary hypertension? I lost one sister last year to this disease and my oldest sister who also has sickle cell was just told she has pulmonary hypertension as well. Trying to find any help on how to help my sister extend her life. Thank you in advance.

  16. Hi I’m suffering from abpa chest infection, what herbs do i need to take to get rid of this infection as fast as i can

    1. Hello Dr Sebi
      I am so glad to come across your website. I am am determined to be defined by a vision of the future unlike the memories of the past.
      I suffer diabetes since 2014, and had a heart attack in January 2019. I notice the last couple of months that I start forgetting stuff.
      Please suggest your remedy, and I will order it right away.
      Thank you very much.

  17. My sister is suffering from rheumatoid authritus….is there any herb for that which can reverse it.
    Please reply..thanks

  18. Hello appreciate your help and informations
    I am a men i have 38 y/o
    2 years ago i had pneumonia, but recently i had a scan and i found i have enlargment in my spleen.

    Thankx for your reply

  19. I know of Dr Sebi and have researched him enough to know that his original blend of ingredients/herbs may have been compromised/changed…..would like a listing of current herbs/foods….and knowledge of these rumors…..is their a specific website with which I can order from, all the electrical herbs to do a full intra cellular body cleansing and rid body of all mucus……is Dr Sebi website compromised?….

  20. Hey one more thing. I have black spots all over my body from mosquito bites. I use to scratch at it all the time because it irritated me and over time more and more dark spots keep getting darker due to the sun. Is there any herbs I can take or anything to apply to my skin to speed up the process? Or any natural remedies that you recommend for me?

  21. Hi I’m from India and these products are not allow to be shipped here by Amazon.Please let me know how to get this products.

      1. I have kidney disease and have been on dialysis for almost three years now, is there any way to naturally regain my kidney function? If so please help me find a way! Thank you.

  22. Also, my mom has MS and stomach ulcers and she is 41 years old. Is there any herb that can cure her? Is marijuana good for anything? If so what type would you recommend?

  23. Hello. I have discomfort in my lower back due to a minor case of scoliosis. What can I take to cure it? Also I get a lot of muscle cramps in my foot, toes, calfs and fingers. I was told its called charley horse but it hurts. I’m only 22. What can I take to cure that also?

    1. Hello,
      I don’t know any herb for that, for cramps try to follow Dr Sebi diet and or fasting with sea moss.

  24. Hello my eustachian tube is blocked due to sinus and there’s liquid stuck in my middle ear, it is not draining, which herb would help me to heal?

  25. Hi I have fluid retention in my fingers and they swell up when I eat, what herb do I need to get rid of fluid retention

  26. Hello sir,
    My name is Robert, I’m very interested in the mucus herbs but also would like to know what herbs can help with lowering blood sugar (diabetes) and what can help with depression. The side effects of depression meds kick me in the butt.

    Thank you in advance for your help

  27. Dr. Sebi I have been suffering from Ulcer for a while now, have been under all kinds of medications but the pain wont go away. Please what precipitation of herb should i go for.

  28. I watched the video, but what exactly do you do to rid your body of mucus? I understand that mucus is the source of all diseases, so how do you prevent it? I get the three herbs he spoke on as for electrolytes but thats after you rid your body correct?

    1. Hello,
      To prevent mucus, you have to stop eating mucus forming foods. To cleanse mucus faster you can use herbs.

  29. Hello, i stumbled upon Dr. Serbi eye opening video on mucus membrane and disease. I’ve had sleep disruption for decades, multiple viruses, Lyme, malabsorption and now severe brain fog, dizziness and sinus,bronchial issues. I’m not sure where even to begin as I’ve done so many different treatments with no avail. Thank you.

      1. I have a lump behind my left ear. Doctor said is as a result of non hodgkin’s lymphoma and they said chemotherapy will remove it but i refused.
        I have been following dr sebi nutritional guide but i believe i need a total detox and revitalizing my cell.
        Where do i start from pls

  30. Hi I was wondering what would dr sebi recommend to obliterate mucus and to heal my body from the mucus, I’ve just quit smoking it’s being a week but I use to be a 30 pack cigarettes a day easy so please may you help me as I’ve only begun to help myself

    1. Hello,
      Follow Dr Sebi nutritional guide, you can use herbs listed here as well. To speed up cleansing do fasting.

  31. Hello my name is Prince I am from India I have crohn’s disease from last 9 years suffering very very badly I want to know which is the best herb it is suited for me to cleanse the body from mucus and give the electrical food through herbs

    1. Hello,
      Herbs for crohn’s and digestive system are Cascara Sagrada, prodijiosa, rhubarb root, blessed thistle.

  32. Hello,
    Could You please Tell me what herbs are reccommended for synusitis, rhinitis and what herbs are goods to improve my fertility? Thank you

      1. Hello! i have had chronic sinusitis for 4 years now and ive tried colloidal silver and limiting high-muccous foods, but even though i have less symptoms, the problem remains. ive tired a netti pot which i think made it worse. colloidal silver is supposed to be the best antiviral/bacterial item out there but i think it has created a tolerance with it or i fail to get it all the way into my nasal cavities. what do you recommend for removal of this issue? ive spoken to some doctors that recommend a $2,000 procedure (balloon sinusplasty surgery if i recall correctly) that will also prevent me from working for about 3 weeks and i cannot afford to lose that time and its also not a guarantee that it will get rid of the issue and im really trying to find a better alternative. eyebright looks like it targets the symptoms more than actually getting rid of it completely, is there a way to flush it out without inserting a hose into my nose and spraying violently? should i mix eyebright with other herbs? thank you in advance!!!

        1. Hello,
          It seems that you may need deeper cleansing, you can do that by fasting with eyebright. Please do some research if you are going to fast for a longer period.

        2. Hi Emanuel,

          I’m going thru same thing and have done same treatment as you. I’ve seen Chinese Medicine Acupuncvrist, an md as well from China. Even the herbs didn’t work. I’m trying different homeopathic remedies for allergies and sinus. I’ll let you know if it works. The reviews were quite promising. We’re here to help each other on this journey.

          1. Hi Taffy and Emanuel, I was wondering if you ever found a solution? I have the same issues and I’ve been trying different methods but not sure what to do in terms of dr sebi and his recommendations

  33. Hello, I have a pinched nerve in my neck and it causes my arms and hands to go numb sometimes. Also, I have a tumor on my pituitary gland. What herbs do you recommend to help me? Thank you in advance.

  34. Great work Dr sebi empower a lot of people great my question is about varicocele veins on the left testicles veins is swollen they say the blood is pooling in the testicles sack and cause the veins to swollen they say the valves aren’t working good in the veins so blood comes down and can’t go back to my heart I would like my life back together are these herbs effective for varicocele veins

  35. Hi, My Mum and I both have a multi nodular goitre we are 36 and 56 respectively and medical teams say the only cure is removal and a lifetime of thyroid medication. I don’t believe them but my Mum does, she’s waiting for her operation date.
    What herbs would you reccommend for thyroid nodules and goitre?

  36. Hey I a doctor has diagnosed me with IBS after 10 minutes of examining me. As I dont believe them I want to try the alkaline diet and also some herbs, which herbs would be best for me and for roughly how long should I take them?

    1. Hello,
      Herbs for easing bowels are Rhubarb root, Yellow Dock. Stop taking them when your symptoms start to disappear.

        1. To cure diabetes use the formula below. Get the powder of the herbs Guaco, Contribo, Nopal, Prodijiosa, Huereque. For each teaspoon of powdered herb use 1 cup water. Since the formula has 4 herbs (and you use 1 teaspoon powder from each herb) then you must use 4 cups of water. Boil the water. After boiling then turn off the fire and add the powder of the herbs. Drink daily in the morning.

          For your memory issues use 1/8 teaspoon Lily of the Valley for each cup of water. Boil water then turn heat off. Then add the powder and drink. Another formula that cures memory issues is: Chapparral, Contribo, Quassia, Ortiga, Bugglewood, Quassia. Get 1 teaspoon herb powder from each herb. Boil 6 cups of water. Turn off heat. Add the herb powder. Take 2 tablespoons 3 times or more daily.

  37. How do you combine these herbs for mucus removal from the brain with regarding to parkinson’s disease. Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      Sorry, there is no one herb for that. Don’t rely only on herbs, you have to also eat right and or fast.

    1. Hello,
      Yes it is recommended that you follow Dr Sebi nutritional guide. The herbs can be used in a variety of forms: teas, powders, tablets, extracts, etc.

  38. Hello. Please, I have lots of mucus in my bronchitis and tightness in the chest. Which herb(Kalawalla,Contribo,Cordoncillo Negro or / and Pawana) is best he mentioned in the video and how much to add to make the mixture/compound.

    1. Hello,
      Good herbs for bronchitis and lungs are Mullein and Guaco.
      Herbs here listed may help, but they are not primarily for lungs.

        1. Hello,
          Here are the Latin names:
          Kalawalla – Polypodium leucotomos
          Contribo – Aristolochia grandiflora
          Cordoncillo Negro – Piper aduncum
          Pavana – Croton Tiglium

  39. I have parasite in different parts of my body. I have taken the 7 day intestinal cleanser yet I still have them and I am losing weight. Is there a Dr. Sebi herbs for this

        1. Hello,
          There is no one herb for cleansing the whole body. Some herbs affect certain body parts more than others. Look at the website to find some suggestions.

          1. Dr. Sebi I have been suffering from Ulcer for a while now, have been under all kinds of medications but the pain wont go away. Please what precipitation of herb should i go for.

  40. Hi there, from what I gather, Dr. Sebi revealed the four electric herbs to revitalize the body. I’m looking for instruction on removing mucus from the entire body on an intracellular level. Or, do these four herbs perform both steps – removal of mucus AND revitalize?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Hello,

      Yes these herbs can work for both cleansing and revitalizing, however some herbs are high in certain minerals and address different body parts. Suggest watching this video to understand Dr Sebi method https://youtu.be/7-fkxRhKMKQ

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi I’m from Canada and these products are not allow to be shipped here . I’ve been experiencing bad rotting smell and taste in my throat and nose only getting worse and dr can’t explain why .
      Feels like my throat is clogged and never gets better fear the worse will come .
      How do I get these herbs in Canada ?

  41. Hello can you tell me what is the mixture concentration or the milligrams of each food to mix for the mucus removal of the electrical foods if purchased on ebay? or do you have a supplier?


    1. Hi Calvin,

      Dr Sebi never revealed the amounts in his formulas, only the herbs used. You can try to experiment or just take herbs on their own and follow what the seller recommends.

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