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Audience Member: You cured me before, but I would like to know what is the cure for aids?

Dr Sebi: She said that I cured her before and that she was cured, but something happened, I don’t know a secret. She want’s to get back on track. And the next question was how do I cure AIDS? Well, many many, I have a daughter now that’s 21 and she’s the key to beautiful things. She’s the daughter of this woman (points to wife). Her mother hated me and without rights to do what was right. Oh god she was right, I had two wives in the same house and this woman is in love with me “Oh God, this black man is crazy, he’s a Solomon, look you are a giant MF”.

Her mother cursed me out, she cursed me out and I’m standing looking at Miss Margaret, and I could see the hurt in her eyes because this woman is in love with this man that already have two wives in the same house. Boy what do I do and I find myself in this triangle here and don’t know how I got in it, but years went by, now she got a baby, she got pregnant, they kick her out the house, but that’s okay. She had the baby little girl Xave. Xave grew up, Xave was 19, she cured her mother her grandmother of diabetes. The little girl that this woman didn’t want to come into the world grew up to cure diabetes.

Last month, I got a notice from the mother that Xave just cured a woman in New York of AIDS. How do we cure AIDS? It’s simple, we put the compounds together to address the mucous membrane, to cleanse the mucous membrane, to cleanse the bowels simultaneously we went to the forest and found the herb such as, over here on the alkaline side (proceeds to write on the blackboard).

Sarsaparilla is an herb that has the highest concentrate of iron fluorine, iron!

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Guaco that is a plant that has, I thought I had a stick with me because I’m always chewing on It. This is Guaco, Guaco is a plant that would definitely strengthen the immune system because it is iron again, but it has potassium iodine, no potassium phosphate, not iodine, iodine comes from the ocean.

Cancansa that’s an African plant. Cancansa is an African plant, this plant has one of the highest concentration of what? Potassium phosphate.

Those are just a few of the plants we use, we use about 40-some odd plants to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system and electrify the system because you want to electrify the body. That’s how simple we cure aids, we cure aids, we don’t treat aids. This thing here say’s that moringa said, and they keep repeating it, that they use it with the believe that they’re going to cure, they think. Oh no, we got to stop talking like that. We cure! That’s how we gotta start talking, if you don’t cure get out the way, because you’re lying to people.

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  1. Hi I need help please. I know someone with aids that I am helping with Dr Sebi’s aids treatments. I started a month and half ago, but infortunately, it is not getting utter. The CD4 are getting lower and lower. Can someone help me save the person please? What I am doing wrong. Help please!

  2. You are just mentioning few of the herbs but you say they are 40+herbs may you please kindly list them as well as where we can find them in Africa especially

  3. Dr ovie help my to cure my hpv with the help of his herbal medicine am so happy now you can add DR. OVIE for any help you made seek from him

    1. hey there, let me know if u have any luck with the answer
      im not to sure about this site. I spoke to an herbalist and he has cure many people. He is like Dr Sebi. He is located in Chesnee SC Mr. Harriott. He owns Harriot herb store. 908-296-3424. I was at his store a month ago talked to him about 2 hours. He is a good guy, not trying to get rich, just helping folks in need. Tell him the guy he spoke to 2 for hours about his life. how the banks and GOV are all in cahoots to get our $
      He has Herp Phree or something I remember seeing. but 4 months he says go get a blood test form your Dr. I remember asking for a friend. She has it from her ex boyfriend. But $35 a bottle and it comes with instructions and a diet plan to help you. NO caffeine, sugars or alcohol. Also stay away from red meats and hi protein items. The virus is a protein so if u desire a 16oz steak 1 day an shellfish within next few days, a breakout may occour. All that protein feeds the virus and with all that in your system and if your body dosent release enough of if it out, breakout may occour.

  4. where can one get or buy them? Kindly advice where to buy them and the duration to use them and the exact diet to follow when using them for that period.

    1. Hello,
      You can buy most herbs on Amazon. You should follow Dr Sebi nutritional guide. There is no set period, this is not a program. This should be a lifestyle.

          1. Good day My cousin said i must ask if the herbs are a cure as i have been showing him videos of Dr Sebi on youtube,asked if he must start by removing the mucus and applying the HIV herbs.
            Again he asked if there had been a cure from these herbs

  5. Good Day i have a cousin suffering from HIV and i would like to assist them in curing it through the Dr Sebi herbs or advice,kindly advice further on what herbs to get and use and the cleansing methodology.

      1. where can one get or buy them? Kindly advice where to buy them and the duration to use them and the exact diet to follow when using them for that period.

      2. What herbs to get rid of HIV/AIDS VIRUS in the body it said like 40 herbs so what are the 40 herbs . they only had a couple . listed thanks I was told I was HIV 2012 and I didn’t take medication then in 2014 I got real sick and my cd4 was below 5 and I was told if. I waited 1 more day I would of died and then they told me in had aids . but I have been on HIV medication since 2014 in September . and now my CD 4 is 700 for the first time since I have been on them but now I’m having sinus problems and eye problems . and I have broken my leg do to the first medication I was put one the stridilb and now I’m on genvoya . and can the herbs be taken when your on HIV medication . thanks

        1. Hello,
          Herbs for HIV are Guinea Hen Weed, Black seed, Sarsaparilla. Also, you should consult with a physician before taking these with medication.

          1. Hello,
            Follow Dr Sebi nutritional guide and take them in small amounts every day as a supplement to your diet. You can rotate the herbs, use one one week and the other one the next week.

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