Dr Sebi – The Benefits of Fasting and Sea Moss

Dr Sebi: Brother.

Audience member: Yes, my question is what kind of help do you offer people who can’t afford to go to Honduras and can’t afford like expensive herbs. And another question is…

Dr Sebi: There are no expensive herbs. We have herbs for 25 dollars to 40 dollars to 49 dollars guaranteed to make you healthy overnight. If you can’t go to Honduras that’s fine, we understand.

Audience member: My second question is, do you recommend a particular diet and fasting regimen?

Dr Sebi: Fasting is good, very good, fasting is good.

Audience member: How long?

Dr Sebi: Well, me I like to fast because when I fast I’m better for her (points at wife). Because I’m healthier, like. My mother died the day I was coming here, I couldn’t turn back because she would have liked that. So I said I’m going to stop eating, but I ate last night with Linda and I’m not going to eat today, not going to eat tomorrow. I’m going to get back I told my wife we’re going to stop eating for about two months, because it’s good. Twelve days is good. A good fast, stop eating for twelve days every year and you drink plenty of water and juice, water and juice and that Green Food Plus.

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It’s going to cost you 49,95$, right? But you drink three in the morning that’s all you need, three capsules in the morning and you go about your business. Because that’s what I had today and I have a lot of energy right now, okay. You drink your water and your juice and you drink your Green Food Plus.What kind of water?

Audience: Juice!

Dr Sebi: Well… Juice. I have tamarind juice in Honduras, but here you have to have apple juice. It’s okay, it’s not going to nourish you, but it’s gonna prevent you from going into some madness.

So, yes, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Lisa Nicole Lopes when I met Lisa (hands shaking) and her eyes she blink them really fast, said I need help. I said we all need help, me too. Five moths later Lisa was talking to me and her eyes never blinked and her (steady hands), Lisa was nice. Lisa realized, Lisa fasted for 42 days and 42 nights. Lisa came to my Hut two o’clock in the morning. She came with these two mounds of Sea Moss. Oh, I’m glad I’m talking about Sea Moss.

Last updated on October 27, 2020 4:22 pm

Sea Moss brothers and sisters, I drink Sea Moss every day and Lisa start drinking Sea Moss and she saw her body filling up and her nerves nice and she said “I love you Dr Sebi”, I said I love you more. She said, thank you, but you know what happened, right? Well, that’s the way it’s suppose to happen and that’s the way it happened to me and all of us, but that’s okay everything is in divine order. My brother, yes, only fast about twelve days a year.

Audience member: What else is your meal like a day, like what else do you eat a day?

Dr Sebi: In the morning when I wake up she always has a mug of Sea Moss and that’s it, and my three, I have an African formula and also the Green Food Plus and I’m gone, like right now I’m gone. In the evening, mmm… a salad, a salad, a little salad and I put my onion salad dressing on it and I’m good to go. I feel good because my stomach is empty, but if my stomach was big, my back would be strained, my eyes would be bad and everything would go bad. See we’ve been eating wrong and I have to thank messenger Elijah Muhammad.

Messenger Elijah Muhammad is the only man that made the statement that they gave us the wrong food to eat, listen carefully Elijah Muhammad said that. I sat and ate with the messenger 38/37 South Woodland Avenue at his table was John Ali Raymond Sharif. Myself and her and the messenger sitting at the opposite end of the table and I’m sitting at the other end. And the Messenger cut me this meatloaf and he looking at us and he said “I want you all to know that the last thing to go in your mouth is this. And I hope that all of you would leave it soon on day”.

But when I go to Chicago or when I go to Detroit, take out all the stuff (Noise) they even cut the wings, they still eat chicken, they eat beef and the brother asked me “Are you alright?” this is Jack Boy, Jack Boy is wearing glasses and he’s 5 years younger than me, but he’s eating that stuff. We can’t do it, the Messenger was right. I listen, I listen to everybody.

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  1. No one answered- need answer to how much sea loss you can eat in a day if you have prepared the gel?? I don’t do powders because I hear they are not as good and the drink seems that by boiling would damage some minerals? So i only need the answer to SEA MOSS GEL- how much is okay to consume on any given day please?

  2. Hello !!! Do you know how much sea moss one can consume in a day.. I’m curious as to how much sea moss Lisa drank in a day and if there is a such thing as over doing it

    1. Hello,
      Depends in what form you are consuming it (raw, gel, powder, etc.). Generally I would recommend to follow what is said on the package.

  3. Hi can you tell me where can i buy a safe place sea moss? I mean a real place which will give me real sea moss and not fake sea moss. There are a lot of sea moss models and places. Can you share a link where you buy it from?
    PS. You are doing amazing work by taking every video and make the lyrics and everything! You should be in Dr. Sebi’s family because you are doing that! They should do it ! Take care !

  4. What is everything lisa left eye consumed on her fast? im about to do her 42 day fast to cure my herpes as well.

    1. Hello! I read your comment and wanted to see if you were successful curing your herpes. And if so what herb did you take?

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Fasting with Sea Moss is great, also the Prodigiosa herb is recommended by Dr Sebi to flush colon.

    1. Hey Con,

      The price $49 was many years ago, when the lecture was filmed. Since Dr. Sebi is gone the prices are not what they used to be.

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