Dr Sebi Reveals Acidic And Alkaline Herbs

Dr Sebi:

Well Sebi. When he became the engineer and he found out that the pH value of things had a lot to do with healing and the properties does to be used. I was happy I was jogging, I used to run home ma. Guess what a found. I’ve found that the earth that everybody’s talking about is acid and everybody is using it.

What herb Is that? Comfrey. She said what? I said, yes, it’s on the acid side and so is rose hips, echinacea. What about goldenseal? That’s right goldenseal was made, it’s like the stick that you put in your mouth they call what? What they call it? The chew stick. What they call it? Liquid stick. Everybody have liquid stick in their mouth, right? But liquid stick was made, it has 50 times more sugar than does sugar itself. It has glycerinic acid.

You see we didn’t have to study biochemistry in Africa because everything we had there was on the alkaline side so we could eat anything, but when they brought us hereā€¦ You put some clothes on now. And after they put the clothes on you, come here boy, you gotta get in front of this classroom. You have to learn this abc stuff.

But hold it now gorilla, doesn’t take their cubs to be trained by polar bears. Gorillas train her own cubs, the gorilla way. But no. You and I, our parents couldn’t do better. They had to take us to the school because they want to save us, you know, protect us because that’s mother. Mother doesn’t want child to suffer. So mother was shown that if child didn’t go to school and they’d be Illiterate and the society is made up where you must go to school. If you want to buy Mercedes.

But in our society, school, what would you mean by school. We aren’t such animal we build things and those who’ve been to school can’t even build the pyramids today. Not in Honduras, not to mention the pyramids in Mexico. They four time the size the pyramids in Egypt. Oh yes, I know been joking. I didn’t talk about that.

But that’s okay because he need help like I need help, we all need help. So the school that we thought was going to be so equitable, so useful had become a deterrent. Because those that have been to school doesn’t cure anything. How did I learn and I didn’t go to school? Easy. You know, we baby as kids, we don’t die.

Right? We do it. I’m not wiser than you. I may be more mischievous than you. I know that because I do some mischievously that you would not believe, but anyway. As an engineer I went to work one night and I begin to test herbs and I begin to see that all the herbs that you guys are using are acid every single last one of them except for burdock, yellow dock.

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They’re natural herbs and the other one, which is the red clover. That’s a natural herb. You know, they are alkaline, they very good.

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Last updated on September 30, 2020 11:23 pm

So I begin by compounding herb from all over the world and low and behold a blind man was cured named Mr. Fredrick’s. Then the Japanese Fred Takashi’s wife was cured of endometriosis, see she had a baby. She was never supposed to have a baby, is a white lady from Utah. My boss brought his daughter and his brother with ulcers, they were cured.

The boss came to me one afternoon and said, so you gonna leave me, I said, yep. He said you’re gonna leave me? On your resume you said that you didn’t go to school and the only reason why I hired you is that I was curious to find out how could a man have an engineer license, never been to school. I wanted you to fail, but instead you did something that is extraordinary.

Are all black people like you? I say Brett Howard, his name is Brett Howard. Are all black people like me? I said I’m the dumbest. Yes, they’re all like me and more powerful than me. Well how come they’re not doing what you’re doing? You cured the blind man. You cured my daughter of ulcers. Could they do that?

I said they could do it better than you, than me. But why aren’t they doing it? Because they are afraid of you. I’m not afraid of God, I’m not afraid of the devil, I’m not afraid of anything, especially you. I don’t live in fear. I say Brett Howard. The black man of America is afraid of you white people because you guys made him afraid of you and you should not feel good about that. It’s not about me hating white people, loving white people, loving black or hating black, it’s about understanding.

Nobody’s gonna help us, but us. Nobody in this world whether white, black, Chinese or Arab could help us it’s impossible for them to help us. Why? Because they don’t know us. They don’t know about our genetical predisposition. Look, as a christian I used to eat pork. Of course I eat pork and I love it. But as a Muslim I ate lamb, which is 10 times worse than pork (laughter). So, so, what do I do, who do I turn to?

So after I quit my job the boss said, wait just a minute, because I think you’re crazy. You are leaving your job as a steam engineer in 1980 when herbs in 1980. I’m making twenty nine hundred dollars a month. I am going to leave my job with ten years seniority to come out to some herbs you didn’t like. Why did I do this? I had to do it. It wasn’t that I could see that far. I can’t see beyond my nose, talk about years ahead. But I had to quit my job and I had to question myself. Why am I doing this? But I did.

1980, the boss is looking at the TV. 1987, on the tenth day of February you see CNN. Alfredo Bowman aka doctor Sebi is arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Selling product not approved by the FDA and claiming to cure aids and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim. The boss saw that. The boss wife is in the bathroom because he told me the story himself. He called her out, come and see the man is arrested. If he says he cure AIDS, I know he cure AIDS because Brett Howard knew that I would never compromise myself to a lie. When I talk I know what I said, is the truth. But I also know that in America you could also be dead right. But it doesn’t matter, it does not matter.

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