Dr Sebi Reveals What Foods He Eats In A Day


Audience member: Hello Dr Sebi.

Dr Sebi: Hello sir.

Audience member: What other foods can we eat besides the sea grass. Other food that is available in this area.

Dr Sebi: I’m gonna say right quick, which is a valid question. I’ve been taking everything away from you. I took rice, I took beans, I took sweet potatoes, I took all that stuff. Carrots, because carrots is hog food. You give that to your hogs. You don’t put that in your Champion Juicer because I did that too. I bought a Champion Juicer for a hundred and forty five dollars and I used to juice tons of carrots. So what are we gonna eat? Quinoa Q U I N O A.

I think I should go here. Oh boy, look at all this from yesterday. There it is. Quinoa Q U I N O A. Quinoa, you could buy mushrooms. I specializes in mushroom, I consider myself a gourmet cook. When I wake up in the morning the best breakfast that I’ve ever had in 35 years it’s three glass of water. And I leave running for work and I have a lot of work. I work 20 hours a day sometimes. Three glasses of spring water and you go to work.

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At noon, at noon all you have to do is to buy yourself some fruits like seed grape, not seedless, grapes. Maybe a pear or an apple if you want to. Mmm… What else, three glass of water again. When night comes in the evening that’s when you’re gonna eat that stuff. And it would be best if you eat what I’m gonna give you at noon than in the evening, but you can cook this at noon. You have quinoa. Quinoa is a natural grain that come from South America. You could make put quinoa Q U I N O A. Is a natural grain. You get the portobello mushrooms.

You could saute them with onions and bell pepper and tomatoes. That’s your meat. The quinoa, you could just cook that like you cook rice, but while you’re cooking it, you could add some condiments to it like cumin, onions. And it tastes good, it’s delicious and it’s light.

Audience member: Garlic?

Dr Sebi: No you don’t want to poison the man. I mean he’s a young brother now. We need him. No garlic, don’t. Never use garlic in anything. So, you cook your onions, could steam your broccoli. Steam your broccoli and you eat your salad with your quinoa and your mushroom and that’s a big meal. And if you have problems you eat it every day. I like to eat the same thing every day. Once in a while I may add a new thing to it, but elephants eat the same thing every day and he lives four hundred years. Thank you brother, thank you very much.

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