Sea Moss For Strong Bones Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes sir.

Audience member: Peace and blessings.

Dr Sebi: Peace and blessings.

Audience member: Um… I have a disease, a bone disease. My bones lack calcium. They operated on me about 10 years ago.

Dr Sebi: A bone disease?

Audience member: Yes.

Dr Sebi: Well, I don’t think you’re bad off. Mr. William Malloy from Philadelphia is in Honduras right now. I think he may be back this week. He went down there to spend six weeks with me and he ran down in a wheelchair. And when he got the wheelchair he was walking and I would have to hold his arm. And he not only had bone disease, he had bone cancer. His bone was turning to chalk. The doctor said he had a week to live. When he got there, I gave him the compound. He went into the sauna. We have a sauna that you do not find anywhere else in the world. We have a sauna that the vapor is volcanic.

First second third fourth day Malloy threw his cane that he was using. He threw it away. He said, I don’t need that cane anymore. I said Malloy, in about a day or two you’re gonna be the sickest individual in the world. He say, man you are crazy. I’m progressing already. I say no you have not progressed yet. Malloy had a stomach way out here. It was wobbly, a wobbly stomach. Did you know how it gets wobbly? Malloy, I said you’re gonna be in bed. Malloy was in bed for about seven days, he couldn’t move.

He was going to the bathroom 10 and 12 times a day. 18 times a day. You have the bone disease because you have the acid in your colon that is affecting the central nervous system. That’s affecting the blood, that’s affecting the bone. Yes, we have something for you brother. And incidentally the brother who asked about the Sea Moss. Who talked about the Sea Moss. You drink plenty Sea Moss and there is nothing in the world that’s strengthen the bone like Sea Moss.

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Mr. Grady Keys I know those, those of you in the audience who’s old as I am – 65. Remember Mr. Brady Keys playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Am I right? You remember that? All right. Mr. Brady Keys and Mr. Big Daddy Lipscomb. Mr. Brady Keys asked me to go see his mother because she had Alzheimer’s, but she couldn’t remember anything. And she’s taught to remember and him and his childhood and her childhood, but then she was in a… Oh boy this is, this is really treacherous.

She was in an old folks… These folks home, what you call it? Rest homes with the doctors and she’s 78. When the doctors begin to see the recovery of this lady. It was fascinating to them, but I told my wife, I said something is up. Why would she remain under their care and she’s progressing. When she went back to see his mother a week later, she didn’t remember him. What did they do to her? Then she fell and she broke three ribs and Ma sent her the Sea Moss. Sea Moss. Sea Moss. And three weeks later, there was no cracked ribs. Yes sir. There’s hope for your brother. The Sea Moss is you’re helper. Thank you brother. Thank you very much brother.

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