Dr Sebi Wheatgrass And Spirulina Are Hybrids


Interviewer: She has a question for you.

Audince memeber: Yes, I just want an answer, because people be talking about spirulina and wheatgrass. I want you to explain to us, is it good? I’m Briana.

Dr Sebi: Briana ask the question about spirulina and wheatgrass. Spirulina. I mean where does spirulina grow? It’s hybrid and what about the wheatgrass? Hybrid, wheat kernels. When I in my embryonic stages and I must admit it was later than that because I was in New York practicing this thing already. And I was using wheat to produce wheatgrass to be juiced and here I am with my little cup of wheatgrass juice. I got the best chlorophyll in the world. When a little lady 94 years of age named Mrs. Hollomon said you’re out of your mind. You’re not gonna recommend that to yourself and to no one else. Why Mrs. Holloman? Because the stuff is poison. Wheatgrass juice? Wait for just a minute is wheat natural? I said no, the fennel is natural.

The teff is natural, but not the wheat. You make bread out of fennel. You make bread out of teff, which is the Ethiopian. That makes the Injera the Brown injera is made from teff.


But as far as the wheat, oh we have to remember the amaranths, which is natural, but this thing we call wheat definitely was made in Europe, so now when we grow this kernel I would squeeze, we are getting sugar and starch. So in my, my brain tells me don’t use it no more. So what you use? Sprout something natural. So I went and got some amaranth and amaranth seed could be acquired right now in Brooklyn, it grows all over the place. You take the little seeds and you put them on the bed right now and you cover them with the soil. In 21 days the wheatgrass sprout.

But the amaranth would not sprout in 21 days. Why? The amaranth only sprout once a year in the spring. So I was angry because the amaranth did not sprout. Then the amaranth laugh at me and said you want me to sprout along with something hybrid? But I’m very sorry I only sprout once a year, but the product I produce is food. And when the amaranth sprouts. Oh, I was eating amaranth sprouts and I was high for about three months I was on this high, this energy.


Because the molecular structure is complete and therefore it deems that stuff electrically if the molecular structures incomplete, meaning a hybrid plan. It cannot be electrical. If man could make a substance in a laboratory such as a vitamin, vitamin B, vitamin D, C, Vitamin B12, Inositol, Zinc, all this stuff. Hey look, just a minute. How could you make in a laboratory a substance that would help me biologically or physiologically. If you could do that and if you could really do that, then you are god. Only nature or god made something electrical no man could do that. I will give a simple example on the planet minerals are expressed in two forms. One phosphate, one oxide, meaning what? There are a hundred and forty two minerals, we begin with gold, silver, obium, iron, phosphorus, silver I mean iron, magnesium. They come in the form of a rock.

A hundred and forty two different minerals in the planet, they come in the form of a rock. But that rock also have a plant that Is representative of that mineral. The plant contain gold. Gold? You may ask. Where why should it be so difficult for you to understand that? Don’t you take burdock for iron? How was it different with iron and gold?They both are minerals, but now you had them in a plant form. Why a plant form? Because the plant in sending it’s root into the soil. It converts that solid rock into a liquid digestible substance. The scientist called that process of conversion, of conversion. Iontrophoresis.

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Iontrophoresis could only be accomplished by a plant. Not a laboratory. You can’t take a piece of rock that is iron into a laboratory and get a liquid from it that’s gonna be digestible because now it becomes non electrical. The plant makes it electrical. And when you drink it is pre-digested for you electrically. So that no one’s slow you. The minerals that the body needs cannot be found in any health food store.

No vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E. The body’s not made up of any alphabetical order. It is made up of minerals. And when those minerals have been depleted by the presence of disease a disease ensues. So you have to replace them in a natural form, in the form of a rock or a plant. A plant. Because it is alive, and it is electrical. Why does it have to be electrical? Because the body is electrical. How could you feed an electric body dead food? You just can’t do that. That’s not consistency.

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