Eva Salve For Arthritis, Cysts And Hemorrhoids

Dr Sebi:

The Salve, well what could I say about the salve? I named the salve the Eva Salve. Why Eva? Eva Britt Washington DC, Eva was in a wheelchair, stiff. She was stiff, she couldn’t walk, she was in a chair laying down. For 28 years, from age 12 to age 40. I began giving her the compounds internally. I began to put the salve on her joints, rheumatoid arthritis. At the ending of three months Eva said that her joint was paining her exactly the same way they pain her when she was going into the disease. So she knew something was happening. One year later Eva got out that chair and was walking completely. It was a year, but she’s walking now and she went back to school, got a law degree. I named the Salve after her.

So Eva said one day to me, doctor Sebi now that I could stand up in front of mirror and see myself. She said I took this salve and I put it on my, on a cyst that had on my breast and in 14 days it was gone. Another woman called in and said: ask, what do you have for hemorrhoids? I say I don’t have anything for hemorrhoids. She say you’re Salve. I said well you how do you know? I put in on my hemorrhoid, the pain was gone and it went right back up and has been 10 days now I have no problem. A dentist called and asked what do you have for mouth lesions, I said nothing. Yes you do, I put your Salve in my patient mouth. Mouth lesion disappear in 24 hours. Try it and you see that, that Salve.

Why these herbs work? Because of a simple thing knowing the plants that God made.

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