The Importance Of Taking Iron Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

So this iron that we all need, I was recommending it. We have it in two forms see this bottle and this little capsule. I were in Los Angeles and I had seen all of the patients my compound had ran out. All I have is case of iron and one little bottle of cleanser. A man called and said how sick he was and that he was under way. Didn’t give me the chance to tell him, look I don’t have anything else. The man came, but by the time that he left his house to get to me I was on 82nd Street in Quinn Shaw in Los Angeles. I don’t design something in my head, he sit down, he said he had poor circulation, his back was hurting him, high high high pressure.

Said I went to the bathroom and when he walked he said he didn’t walk straight he would like he want to sway. That happens when the ear drum is clogged and you’re losing your balance because the head is clogged. Me and my ingenuity, I told the man I want you to take one bottle of this a day, a whole bottle. One a day for ten straight days, this is iron sir and you gonna take this little bottle only at night. On the third day, what this man told me on the third day of taking the third bottle I have not heard from any one of you who have taken all the compound for a disease. This man, this man was rampant and raving.

Look the man didn’t know what to tell me, brought all his friends together to come and buy this medicine that I gave him. So it was until three years later, I wanna know why this man was rampant and raving and gave me all these praises because I gave him only iron. When I go back and do my homework again, review my papers and my notes, I forgot that iron, the lack of, deficient of causes 40 manifestation of disease. Because the body begin to lose energy, the immune system begins to give way. There is no oxygen going to the brain now because iron is low and it is iron that conveys oxygen to our brain. I said Oh God that’s why we wrinkle so young.

Is that why we begin to lose energy and begin to walk over a little bit, we don’t walk straight no more. You see we don’t notice when we’re doing this until were way down here you know, but we gradually bend because iron has dropped below that level that the body desires to be. Iron has been omitted from our diet for five hundred years. When all of you that came to see me, I would recommend that you take two tablespoons three times a day and even the two tablespoon three times a day you feel, hey I’m back alive.

But look what I’m doing I’m only giving you that which is going to be consumed in that day. So this man showed me how deficient we are in iron and from that day onward have told my wife. I said Ma whenever someone asks for a treatment please tell them the importance of iron and if they can afford it to spend that other money, which is about two hundred dollars. But what you’re going to receive is more than you gonna be able to convey to your friends that you feel. Why, because when I recommend 2 tablespoon 3 times a day that is the iron that you used up in that day, but then you go back down again.

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You gotta take some more again and take some more and you go back up. I understood why this man told me on the third day he was only sleeping 2 hours and he had all this energy and that he was having sex again. The man was 78 and he was happy, that’s long before Viagra. So what was happening, the man was replenishing the reservoir. Say the reservoir is from the tip of this mic down to this Bible, the other reservoir of iron is way down here. So when I give you two tablespoons this is going to be consumed in one day, but if I give you a bottle a day for 10 days you are raising now the level of the reservoir.

So by the time you get up here all you have to take now is what 2 tablespoon 3 times a day because the reservoir is high. I figured that one out and I’ve been doing that ever since. So I’m saying that to you brothers and sisters, if you have that you know that bad case when you wake up in the morning and all the other stuff. When you buy a bottle of Maya, yes it may cost you $25 but I’ll tell you what, what you will receive for $25 you would not receive with $375 anyplace else. It is iron fluorine not ferrous sulfate, it is electrical, it is made from the finest herb from the tropics.

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