Herbs For Brain System and Strong Blood Dr Sebi

Dr sebi:

So, we have last, but not least, the power pack, the power pack goes a little further than the Maya. The power pack seemed to get to areas that the Maya doesn’t. The power pack as it’s described tells you that you will be packed with power and that also is composed not only of the 14 herbs, well we have 23 herbs in the power pack. Because it has elements in it that is different from the Maya, the Maya Electra. We have had added herbs such as the Cocolmeca.

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We also add the Cordoncillo Negro like from here, from Honduras and these herb have a tendency to go straight to the brain electrifying the system, adding to it.

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The Maya Electra being iron concentrate in the blood, but the other one. The power pack addresses not only the blood, but the brain electrical system of the body. So, we have compounds that are for therapy and compounds to maintain energy. Using that platform that we mentioned the understanding that if the substance is non electrical why should I take it? Why should I permit such a thing to enter my system? Because it would not assimilate. Assimilate, yes assimilate, assimilation is necessary. Assimilation only means that your body have accepted it and the body like the earth only accept those things that are electrical and natural.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, the earth if you drop a piece of paper that came from a tree it would biodegrade but if you drop a piece of plastic on the surface of Mother Nature. No, she rejects it because it did not come from her laboratory, it came from someone else’s. So you see we have examples all around us, so just keep in mind that the human body to begin with is electrical and that it needs an electric substance to electrify it. That’s common sense, you cannot electrify an electric body with dead substance. No, that doesn’t equate.

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