Natural Herbal Remedy For Bell’s Palsy Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes sir.

Audience member: First of all I would like to thank you and welcome you for coming down here tonight to see us and impart this great information to us.

Dr Sebi: Well I thank you very much and I feel so grateful.

Audience member: Seven years ago a friend of mine introduced me to you and we talked to you when you were in Brooklyn years ago. I have also had power packs and I have also no longer have high blood pressure because of that. Secondly two years ago I contracted Bell’s Palsy.

Dr Sebi: Yeah, the muscle relax on the face. I know Bell’s Palsy.

Audience member: I’ve had that. I’ve been to 35 quacks in this town. They call them doctors, they give you all kinds of medication for lots of money. I’ve been to some of your great bright Chinese brothers you spoke about so eloquently earlier. They gave me all kinds of medicine. I’m here tonight to ask you, would your basic package help my with Bell’s Palsy?

Dr Sebi: Bell’s Palsy is something we have to go deep into your intestine. Something is in your intestine that still has to come out. We have to get in there with a deep therapy now because the central nervous system is not sending the message that it should. The brain also. Yes we do have something sir. In fact there’s a young man that just came to work for us about two years ago and his father came to see me and he had an attack of Bells’ Palsy. His mouth was even twisted and he was salivating and now about a week later after taking the substance that we gave him he was straight. But let me say this, if you want to be treated, I just came back from Mexico where I bought the lily of the valley.

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Apart from the treatment that would remove the debris from the colon we want to go straight to the heart too and the brain. And there is nothing in the world like lily of the valley flower. The flower of the lily of the valley and I will see to it if you make an appointment or you know sign up. I would tell my daughters in Miami to especially pay attention to this particular name and this order that you would get this lily of the valley. Can I go through Mr Gray? The young lady over there, Miss Bhushango. And you make that and you put your name in there sir and your address and your phone number.

Audience member: Okay.

Dr Sebi: Thank you very much sir.

Audience member: Thank you.

Dr Sebi: You know incidentally there are many people who used to be part of our our healing group, but they stole all of our computers twice and all the database was left with it.

Audience member: What happened to the young lady from Maryland, I have her phone number.

Dr Sebi: Who’s that?

Audience member: From Maryland, from land over Maryland.

Dr Sebi: Land over Maryland.

Audience member: Two years ago I got her house address.

Dr Sebi: Oh yes, I want to remember her name. Yes okay.

Audience member: I will see you in Honduras.

Dr Sebi: Thank you.

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  1. Doctor, I have Bell’s Palsy. I would like to buy the Lily of the Valley flowers/herbs.
    How do i use it? What is the protocol?

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