Amazing Benefits Of Sea Moss Dr Sebi


Audience member: Dr Sebi. I, since having been introduced to you, I’ve followed the virtues of Sea Moss. As you have and, but I’m having a great deal of difficulty finding fresh Sea Moss in this country. Can you A elaborate on the benefits and the virtues of Sea Moss and secondly perhaps help me find some fresh Sea Moss.

Dr Sebi: Very Good. Thank you. Sea Moss is known scientifically, there we go again, Chondrus Crispus. Am I right? Sea Moss come from the ocean. It locks onto a rock, onto a rock and from that rock it receives its nutrients. Dr Sebi how could that be possible? A plant hold onto a rock? Yes. Scientists have yet to understand how could a plant hold on to a rock and then give you food. Well you know what it is. They invented a word, this is the word.

A 15 letter word, they call it “ionthropherosis”. No dig that. They don’t understand the workings of God, but they’re going to give it a name. That a plant has the ability to convert a solid oxide substance into a liquid digestible substance. They call it ionthropherosis. Sea Moss does that and every plant does that, but Sea Moss has iodides, bromides, it has all of the minerals, phosphorous. Which is good for the thyroid gland, which is good for the endocrine system and it’s gonna give you energy and it has muscle food, they call it man Ito. Sea Moss. Where do we get fresh Sea Moss?

Incidentally, like the man, the man made peppermint and he made Aloe Vera, he made, he made noni juice, he made vitamin C out of acerola berry. Well guess what he did in Boston and you guys don’t know it and it’s dangerous. The man went to the ocean and got a piece of sea moss because he knows that sea moss grows in the ocean where the sea is in constant motion. Sea Moss doesn’t grow where the sea stand still. It has to be in motion and Sea Moss grow. So this man in Boston went and got pieces of Sea Moss put it in this brine with salt on a machine and he move it.

The machine is constantly moving and lo and behold the Sea Moss grows very thick. Very thick and very fast and when you get a little bit of it and you put it in the pot it gives you a whole lot of usage. The natural sea moss doesn’t give you a whole lot of usage and the palace of the Sea Moss. I mean the little strings thin thin thin like this, very thin, just like this. But the other one is three times the size and the other one three times the size it always have salt on it. Natural Sea Moss has no salt on it and it gives you energy. Where you gonna get it?

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Well we are importing Sea Moss. We have a whole box of fresh Sea Moss in Chicago where I just left to come and see you because Mr. Gray said, wait drop Chicago and come to Philadelphia. Well I did. And I had just received a shipment of Sea Moss. My brother owns both the travel to the Caribbean all the way to Colombia Venezuela and he always see Sea Moss on top of the ocean, look like gold. He would harvest it and bring it to me and since Mr. Charles Gray is head of the Genesis school, we would be collaborating now to facilitate these things to you. You will get fresh Sea Moss because I will be sending it to him.

Thank you sir, thank you very much and what the brother asked is a very good question. All of you males should drink a lot of Sea Moss or the females too because it strengthened the connective tissue. Oh yes it does and according to your… Not according, but your reproductive organs would definitely love it. Women in Honduras uses Sea Moss to give themselves a tush with and you’d be surprised what you feel.

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