Natural Herbal Remedy For Osteoporosis Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes ma’am.

Audience member: Osteoporosis.

Dr Sebi: Osteoporosis, we are now addressing the bones, right? Joints and bones, calcium. Yes we do.

Audience member: Would you say Bio Electra?

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Dr Sebi: Bio Electra would help, but the salve would be good too.

But then she will have to take something with calcium that. That is why I recommend when there’s a disease such as Osteoporosis you know and others. You have to take the whole treatment because in the treatment you get calcium, phosphorus and all the necessary minerals, you know. Like in the case of Osteoporosis, the bones. Sure, but you could take that and see what, how the other person would feel. It works anyway.

Audience member: Inguinal hernia.

Dr Sebi: Which one?

Audience member: Inguinal hernia.

Dr Sebi: I had one of them and depending how far it is in stage. What’s happening. Because it means that the intestines at some point is weakened. You know and then it is filled with toxins and is very painful. It paralyzes parts of the body sometimes depending of the stage of it would determine whether there is a chance to do it with herbs. There’s always a chance that if the person abstain from eating the body would release the toxin and strengthen those, you know elastic fibers. Sure, thank you.

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