Natural Remedy For Blood Clots Dr Sebi


Audience member: Hi Sebi.

Dr Sebi: Yes sir.

Audience member: My wife contracted cancer in 1992. Diagnosed, now in remission. At that time i was checking the herbs. And she healed thanks to you. She healed 99 to 100 percent thanks to what Dr Sebi did. One thing that I did in according to you was stopping using hybrid vegetables, carrots, celery and so fourth. I stopped using that months ago. And, uh she has a problem due to cancer treatment. She has problems that were generated from that, she had a blood clot in the hospital days ago. Blood clot in her legs. She’s taking an iron pill. So, and she uh, has been on her meds, medication in hospital. Got here the documents, medical terminology.

Dr Sebi: Yeah, but that’s okay you don’t have to read it out.

Audience member: Her leg is still swollen, so should we try the bio 1 and 2? Would you say that would have any effect on the legs?

Dr Sebi: Oh yes, you could try that first. I would recommend that you take the complete therapy, but if you want to try the bio 1 and 2, I assure you that she would see result of it immediately too. Could try that.

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Audience member: And I say from what I heard, this works. Dr Sebi thank you for coming here.

Dr Sebi: Thank you sir. Well I’m a convert. I’m a convert of what I promote and I hope that I’m the best convert. Because if the more I deliver myself to it, the better it is for me. if I tell you how good these things are and how good God medicine work and I don’t take it. Something’s wrong, isn’t? But what I said yesterday to someone that I give thanks to God to allow me such a good life, since 30 to 65. Which is 35 years.

I went into a house in Los Angeles because it’s showing this house for sale, when I open in the bathroom, this cabinet I realized that it has been 35 years since I had a medicine cabinet. This thing was full of medicine and everybody have those medicines. They have them in bags. They carry them around and the body is still sick and then we have to carry them for life. You know. And that’s not so.

Audience member: Okay, one last question. Will, should we replace the natural remedy with what the doctors prescribed?

Dr Sebi: Yes you can because there will be no flash point. Flash point mean chemical reaction, which mean the body become a war zone. No, this is natural, this is going to assimilate.

Audience member: Okay, what if she takes the medicine for another couple of days, two or three days?

Dr Sebi: She will see results faster with this. Thank you.

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