Raise Your Children To Avoid Obesity Dr Sebi


Audience member: Good afternoon. Buenos Dias. Buenas noches. I’m a Panamanian descent. We’re not too far from.

Dr Sebi: I know Panama.

Audience member: I’ts beautiful.

Dr Sebi: I have my nose wide open. Those women in Panama have my nose wide open I want to kill her. I was a merchant seaman and I’ve fell in love with Panama. Yea, talk to me.

Audience member: You’re a Scorpio like me. Real great question about childhood obesity because I have a niece and I’m noticing a lot of kids. They’re very big, very young and they have these black rings around their necks. So I just wanted to know if there’s any kind of concoction you have with the herbs that we can utilize to help our kids in need because they’re getting big they’re getting bigger.

Dr Sebi: And bigger.

Audience member: They are getting breasts and it’s disgusting.

Dr Sebi: Without 18 children and about 12 of them had their mother’s breast and I’m one I had my mother’s breast until I was four but my daughter with Mattoon. She sucked her mother breasts till she was seven. She’s a grown woman now. She’s running the business in LA. She never had any problem with obesity or anything neither has her cousin. But she doesn’t eat the things that are afforded to other children. In fact, my daughter never been to school.

On the first day she went to school. It was a disaster because the teacher made a big mistake. The teacher gave her an exam, a little test Xave never been to school. She was 16 when she went to school. The son is in the audience, he went to school for the first time at 16 also. I didn’t like my children to go to school because I didn’t go, why should they go?

So Xave went and the teacher gave her this test where it says protein deficit or equity. My sister put deficit, you know, my daughter put deficit the teacher says Xave “You never make mistakes how come you make this one?”. My daughter said Oh what mistake you put protein as the deficit. Well, she said. Would you agree the human body’s electrical? The teacher said yes, then would you agree that the body accepts and assimilate to the process of chemical affinity? Said yes. Meaning that if the body is electrical the food has to be electrical. Is protein electrical? The teacher said, I don’t know.

My child didn’t go back to school. Because she knew then that the teacher needed help. So, obesity is from the food that we eat and we have, this is why there are people in Florida and I am part of it and in California, we bought a piece of land in Honduras a hundred acres with Artesian Springs and a river running through it. Pristine you could drink the water from the river.

We intend to build a community of people like yourselves who realizes that the community of large doesn’t help our children. Because our child Xave and Sisa. Well, they never had meat, since I never ate meat nor eggs nor anything that is bad. Not has Xave, not the others, but I had to step in and put down some very strict rules. But some time, once they got to me, one of my most precious daughter (Writes Usha).

This is the girl, was four years of age and the neighbors said something to me, that caused me to go into a state of revulsion and I began to use some foul language because I was very angry. See look. I’m a Sagittarius. My line is very thin, you scratch too deep you can get violence. So, Usha used to go next door and this neighbor used to give my child chicken. She had no respect for what I was doing in my house and this is something that I see among us to the core and Usha, I lost her, Usha was the only daughter that found a need to call me an sob. But I understood that, because I still love my daughter, but I know the effect of meat on your brain, blood.

So obesity begins at home. But the mother is not to be blamed. We cannot blame anyone for anything. We are all in this pot, right? Taken away from Africa to America. Now we don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know anything and we make mistakes without knowing it. So we have to stop. Yes it begins at home. There’s a book written by a brother named Ron Seaborn The Children Health Food book, any one here heard of the book? The Children Health Food book.

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So one day I was lecturing in LA and I had the book in front of me and a little girls saw it and she said doctor Sebi could you give us this book? I asked the parents would you want me to give the book? Yes, here’s the book. They took it home. They read the book, the book made so much sense that when the daddy came home and the mother from work that Monday. The refrigerator was clean. Those three little girls took everything out the freezer, because it shows in progression what occurs around sixty. You know when you eat the stuff and ah, oh. Oh, wait, wait, wait wait. Oh. Yeah talk to me now you have to have machine on the eyes.

So the little girl saw that, the result of the blood and the starch when you get to 50 and 60 and 70. Oh my god at 73. You’re in trouble. So they took everything out the refrigerator, the mother and the father called me and said you see what you did. You caused my daughter’s – dah dah dah dah dah dah that but three months later they came back and thanked me. Sisters and brothers we need help quick. Stop eating the garbage. Stop it. Anyone that offers you protein, carrots, tofu. You question their sanity they’re trying to poison you because they have been compromised. So they want to drag you down there with that. You tell them you’re crazy. Thank you.

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