Remedy For Drug And Alcohol Addiction Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes ma’am.

Question: How do we treat hard drug problem?

Dr Sebi: The drug problem? How do we treat it? You know I was just, I was just asked by the Mexican government to go to a city in Mexico by the name of Michoacán to give a speech for the health Department. And they asked me the same question, about alcoholism and you know it worked. What do I do? We all are drug addicts. The man that takes alcohol and heroin and cocaine, he is not an addict. He is far from being an addict. You want to see an addict?

You put a salad on a table and not put salt on it. That salt is going to harden your arteries and eventually kill you. So when we sweeten something sugar, that’s a chemical. So as we grow up those of us who were susceptible to the sugar and the salt, we would give way to other stronger drugs. What I usually do with someone that is an addict to alcohol or to any kind of drug, any kind of drug. Right here.

When you are an alcoholic, I told the Mexican government. Is because your body has been depleted of energy and when you take a drink… Ha ha you are strong again. You feel your body now. Because the sugar in the alcohol is going to stimulate you up. When it drops you, it drops, let’s say it was here. But because of the misuse of food, your way down here. When you take alcohol it takes you above where you should be.

So now as it begin to evaporate in you, you begin to drop. You should have dropped here, but you’re going to drop further where you were and you go up and you come down low every time. So you become dependent because alcohol is a stimulant. Drug is a stimulant. So what did I figure out? That if you feed the alcoholic large amount of energy you’re going to boost him up gradually and it’s going to hold him up here.

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Desire for alcohol seized immediately. The desire for drugs and feeling good because this one is going to convince him that it’s better. Because the drugs keep him what? Nervous, alcoholics too. But this one is gonna calm the nervous system and you’re gonna feel good for the first time in a long time and they won’t dare to go back to the drug addiction.

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