Why You Can’t Overdose On Iron Fluorine Dr Sebi


Audience member: Can you overdose on iron?

Dr Sebi: Can we over what?

Audience member: Can we overdose on iron?

Dr Sebi: Can you overdose on iron? You could overdose on ferro sulfate. It would bind you and keep you from going to the bathroom and poison your system. Not iron fluorine, you could never overdose on that. The only thing you can do with this is stop taking it and lose energy. Say well, you know like what’s going on here. Look I tried to OD on it, I take a bottle a day.

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Like when I have a hard work, like I’ve been traveling since I saw you last, some of you. Who’ve been here last before? You were there the last time, right? And you would sit in the same place, I think. Well since I left you, I’ve been working. I had to do carpenter work, i had to cook, I had to wash my clothes, run back see the patient. Go back and paint and I had to go to Chicago then I came here. Then I’ve got to go back to Memphis again to see more people. I gotta wash my own clothes because I’m always traveling, I gotta iron. So I try to OD on this to stay high all the time. A natural high.

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