Why You Shouldn’t Eat Starch Dr Sebi Explains

Dr Sebi:

Remember what I said. There is a substance that we’ve been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They didn’t tell us about and that is why I don’t like you. I can’t like you, how am I going to like you? I don’t even know you, nah, I am suppose to love you? You know what compel people to do that? This… This substance, this substance is so dangerous, that they feed to a dog in Russia. They feed it to dolphins in the captivity and the dolphin will do exactly and the dog will do exactly what the leader or the doctor or the condition to that dog or animal to do. And what is that?

What is the one chemical that would alter the brain waves and interfere with resonance? They call it starch. Well what the starch contain? Cyanide. So, why we are talking about talking and finding faults in each other’s. That’s not too bad, if I call you a name. Malcolm’s grandson killed his wife. You think that boy was to be blamed? No. That’s why I don’t like you, I’m eating cyanide. Then we ask why are the African tribes at each other’s throat, they eat the rawest form of cyanide. They call it cassava. In Nigeria they call it garri. Now when I look at my African brothers eating garri, you think I feel good?

You think I’m in a position to criticize my brother when I know that this was a food given to us by the slave master and that it was made in Portugal. Like the carrots, oh I don’t want you to even believe that carrots can escape the rock too. Carrots was made in Holland. When I said in New York that carrots were artificial… Well if you would have seen that on Gary Bird show on WLIB in New York in 1985, When everybody’s listening, you have to be out of your mind. That man is crazy, he’s ignorant.

This is what they said and I understood because the cyanide is telling me, the brother, the sister, I have to take that position. But they aren’t aware that carrots were made in Holland, then one year later Nova, Seeds of tomorrow came up with the program. Yes, carrots are artificial and they were made by crossing what? The Queen Anne’s lace and the Wild Yam. They rape the Wild Yam. For you to, we get into that later, but let me explain this. When God made a Dandelion plant and you see that Dandelion plant releasing at the spring those little balls, they go into the air.

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When they meet another Dandelion plant they come together and they unite and they call that a monocriotic union. That is a natural, natural chemical affinity. Union, a union that is based on the chemical affinity. Meaning that if, it’s simple. Chemical affinity is simple, don’t have this big words snow you because they didn’t snow me and I didn’t go to school. Okay, so it’s simple. Chemical affinity mean this, if you have a magnitude of 180 and 70 and 70 come in the proximity of a hundred. A hundred would naturally repel 70 because the resonance is greater. Am i right? Did that make sense? The resonance of 100 is greater than 70. So for that to be chemical affinity with a hundred has to be what? A hundred, is that the way it is?

Yes, that is the way nature is functioning. But out of that particular understanding comes many things now. Because if nature is showing that this plant, that plants only pollinate one of it’s own kind… Then what’s happening when I have a baby with a white woman? You see. These are the things that we are not aware of. The affinity, the resonance is different. But we have to be careful because the message that I come with is not mine I said, it’s a message of life. So, as we find that affinity plays a role, we have to respect that, but we are not in the position to do so now because we are eating cyanide.

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