Dr Sebi Reveals Acidic And Alkaline Foods


Dr Sebi: Many of us have seen this – pH balance. How many of us have seen that written on shampoo especially, pH balance. Now, we are going to ask what they are talking about. This is seven. The reason why I said that it wasn’t necessary for us to know about anything about pH, hydrogen ions. You mean to tell me you need to be a scientist to live? When you live you only have to wake up in the morning and brush your teeth and go jump in a river made out of, under the tree. For the rest of the day your not going to be a scientist, but now you better know what pH is, why? Regardless of what happens. On the side that is less than seven is what?

Audience: Acid!

Dr Sebi: On the side that is above seven is alkaline, right?

Audience: Right!

Dr Sebi: Well now, since we know that this is true, then why do we you put Comfrey over here? And Aloe Vera. And what about Rose hips? What about Garlic? What about rice and beans, what about tofu, what about peppermint? I could go on and on and on and on… So how come we didn’t know that? So, what goes over here? Mushrooms, Quinoa, Amaranth, Fonio, Teff, Nopal.

And there’s many more. I underline those products. In my last 28 years of research and studies and practicing, I hear many of my brothers and sisters talk about Chinese medicine. They talk about homeopathic medicine, you know. They talk about yin yang, they talk about macrobiotic, but just think about Mr. Ozawa in Japan. What did he recommend that you eat in large quantities to remove your disease? What did he said to eat? Rice. Now Mr. Ozawa was respected by many of us for being one of the greatest healers in the world and he recommend we eat rice and rice is cyanide.

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