Remedy For Attention Deficit Disorder Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes ma’am.

Audience member: Hi, I’m very impressed with what you’ve done. Um, I have a question about children. There are rumors, that there are chemicals elements that makes them very hyper. Sometimes very much out of control. Would you give, would you give that to children also?

Dr Sebi: Are you talking about children, right?

Audience member: Children, yes.

Dr Sebi: And this is what they call ADD, attention deficit disorder?

Audience member: It’s a variety of things they call, but it’s sort of like that.

Dr Sebi: Well it’s the same thing isn’t it?

Audience member: Same thing and also…

Dr Sebi: Well let me say this. Example, there’s a young man came to see me in Los Angeles with his child. 9 years of age and when he came the little boy we’re doing this (demonstrates). And he was never standing still, he would go by the window and look outside. The boy was what, he was extremely nervous, right? I gave the man the package that I’m gonna give all of you if you come. And I gave him a bottle of Maya. 9 o’clock in the morning, when he got to Watts, which is in LA he call me 5 o’clock that evening. He said doctor Sebi “I don’t know how to thank you, but the coolest dude in the house is my son”. The boy was lacking of what? Iron.

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He was lacking of iron. You see iron, the deficiency of iron causes forty different manifestation of disease. Yes, he was lacking of iron. You and I have not had iron in 500 years. Don’t come to me with beets because that doesn’t have any iron in it. That stuff is artificial, the child needs iron. So what we’re saying here. Since we won the case in the Supreme Court, we have the right to demand the government to feed our children and to give our children the stuff or the substance that is consistent with the gene group.

We don’t have to submit to those insurances saying, well we only recognize traditional doctors and we don’t recognize these others, but you’re dying. So it mean that the insurance company has bribed us. Bribed us that they could tell us who you should go to. That’s not true, that is not true. After winning that case and setting a precedent, then it means that you have the right to choose those who compliments. You don’t want an alternative medicine. I don’t believe in alternative medicine because it doesn’t complement. I believe in complementary medicine which is a little bit different.

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