Connection Between Food And Genetics Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

The anthropologists, the archaeologists, the paleontologists, the historians, the Egyptologists. They failed us and they failed themselves because one thing that they were suppose to know. They were suppose to know that which goes in their mouth. If you don’t know what goes in your mouth, then what it is your doing. If you put gasoline in a diesel car, it’s just not going to run isn’t it? It’s that simple. When god made a gorilla, he placed that gorilla in Africa, when a food that is consistent with the cells of that gorilla. When god made a polar bear, he placed that bear in Alaska on the ice and bear eats blood. Then if we leave the animals and go to the plants. When we need iron, we appear to the Burdock plant, but as we need calcium, we go to the Shave grass or to the Sea Moss.

Meaning that each plant has a different active ingredient. Each animal eat a different food. So, I asked the Supreme court when I was arrested, cause as you know I was arrested right? Why was I arrested? Only because I told the truth. We cure AIDS, we also specialize in the cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Herpes, Cancer, Blindness, Impotence and others. Well naturally being a black Institute, the Usha Research Institute. How could the attorney general of New York accommodate in his brain that some black folks are curing AIDS and Sickle Cell. You are out of your mind and he was right to believe that.

I didn’t think the attorney general disbelieving the ad that I placed on the Village Voice, The Amsterdam News, NY Post. I didn’t, I wasn’t even angry at the man. He was suppose to arrest me because the Chinese are not curing AIDS, their not curing Sickle Cell their not curing blindness. The Europeans either, neither the Arabs or anyone else, but we are. Not doctor Sebi, we the back race. If I was a Chinaman in China curing AIDS you would say, the Chinese people curing AIDS. But if I was a Russian in Russia curing AIDS, you would say the Russian people are curing AIDS. But I am your brother standing here, you say he cure AIDS, not we.

What happened, what happened, what dislodged, what disconnected that you disconnect me from you. What happened? When we are going to go to that board, we are going to show what happened. When I asked the Supreme Court if God made a food consistent with the gorilla and the polar bear. With the eagle that eats meat and the hummingbird that suck the nectar from the plants. Well then it shows that there is a direct connection with food and genetics. Who in America has ever delved into that particular reality. Blacks have been years in America, they just give you vitamins, they talk about protein. So, your honor, when you remove the Africans from Africa and you brought them to America, did you bring his food with him?

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