Dr Sebi On Dandelion, Oak Bark And Parsley


Dr Sebi: Yes, ma’am.

Audience member: There were a lot of herbs you said we should or should not take. Uh, I want to pass some of these by you. Dandelion tea, Oak bark tea and parsley.

Dr Sebi: Oak bark is good, dandelion is good, what was the other one?

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Audience member: Parsley.

Dr Sebi: No way. People talk about parsley good for your pressure, bring it down. It does, okay. Try it and you see, parsley is dangerous because it is hybrid. Let me tell you something about a hybrid product, a hybrid product is a product that was made by crossing one substance with another. Like you know crossing a muleā€¦ No, crossing a jackass and a horse. What do you get?

Audience member: Donkey.

Dr Sebi: No.

Audience member: A donkey.

Dr Sebi: If you cross a jackass, a donkey. A donkey is a jackass. If you take a horse and a jackass or a donkey and mate them, what would be the end result?

Audience member: A mule.

Dr Sebi: Thank you very much, that is the proper answer, but did God made that mule? No, man did that by interfering and having two animals that would not necessarily have sex, have sex. Men always doing that. He’s always interfering with God and thinking he gonna get away. That’s what he did with carrots, that’s why we made carrots, that’s why we made beets, that’s why we made rice, that’s why we made that chicken that the preacher like to eat.

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