Remedy For High Blood Pressure And Eva Salve


Question: Also, what are the products for high blood pressure?

Dr Sebi: High Blood pressure? There is no product it is a therapy. You see we have products on the market that sells on the shelf. Say you feeling kind of low in energy. You go buy a bottle of Maya and you nerves are not cool and you buy a bottle of Nervino.

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And you know you buy a vitamin and there’s a salve, you know that you have, when something is wrong. Oh this salve is tremendous. I mean look this salve, people told me about the salve. I made the salve for a young sister in Washington, her name is Eva Pritt. Eva Pritt was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis from age 12 and when I met her she was 40. 28 years in a wheelchair, stiff. She was stiff and she could move her fingers, you know, did slightly here or there. This machine that was made special for her. I made a salve to go into her joints and break up the calcification.

So, I investigated all the herbs around the world that was highest in phosphate. And I found them and I put them together and made the salve. Boy I gave, I rub Eva with the salve and Eva was crying like she… She remembers, she was crying like she cried when she was first getting the arthritis. But she was wise, she was not like the man that called me last night and cursed me out. She knew, that if this stuff bring pain, it’s doing something. And guess what, Eva is not walking like I walk, but guess what, she’s walking everyday. She’s standing up now, she’s walking slow. And she told me something, that I would have never associated with someone in a wheelchair Guess, what she told me a few month’s ago.

She said that the greatest thing in her life was to wonder the streets of Washington and how people rub her when people are passing by. One never knows how sweet that is until being in a wheelchair for 28 years. I said, what? She said, that’s what you brought into my life. People have touching when they walk by you. But this salve, she said, Eva started putting this salve on her breast because there was a, there was a little, kind of a lump there. And she put it there every day, she put every day and the lump disappeared on her breast.

One day a woman called me and said: what you have for hemorrhoids? I said, I have nothing which I didn’t. She said, yes you do, I put you salve on my hemorrhoids and it was sucked up in less than five days, I said oh wow. Then a dentist called me from Memphis and said what do you have for mouth lesions? I said nothing. Yes you do, I put your salve in people mouth and the lesion is gone in 24 hours. Try it yourself and you see with bleeding gums or anything. This salve is good.

So, this is a shelved product, but when you come because you have high blood pressure, now I have to get inside of you and put you on a diet, look over you. And give you something to gradually break up the triglycerides and break up calcification and carbonation. Calcification, carbonation both inside the body and I have to be with you. I have to hear your aches and pains like my mother. So I have to be with you now. From a therapeutical approach not just from a product you gonna buy off-the-shelf. No, those are supporters, she need more than a supporter, she need something to go into her and remove obstruction. We have something for that.

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