Get Off Dialysis And Heal Kidneys Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi: Yes sir.

Audience member: Hello doctor, I recently got on dialysis, right. Sometimes I wonder that, of course I feel good and I say to myself, I think these doctors played a game on me, you know. Because you go in, I go in there and I see so many people that are really in bad shape. I know I lost a lot of weight, but I feel good and uh I was just wondering what you have for it.

Dr Sebi: You are on dialysis?

Audience member: Yeah.

Dr Sebi: Get the iron.

Audience member: Iron?

Dr Sebi: The liquid iron. Iron, just take the iron for now.

Audience member: Okay.

Dr Sebi: Because what happens we take your pre actin level test. You’re going to tear the pre actin is high, right.

Audience member: Yeah.

Dr Sebi: Or the potassium may be high if I give you what you really need. Right now, but I could begin and this is how I begin people on dialysis. This is going to give you energy. What this will do, they wash your blood to remove the impurities. They also wash out the minerals that makes you strong. That’s why when you get off the dialysis you’re hungry. You want to eat because they rob you of your energy.

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Well if you take about six tablespoon of this, you can heal that. I would have repetitive minerals. Then gradually I would begin to give you potassium phosphate to open up the kidneys. So that your urine could start again and a diuretic. We have done it. We have done it before, but like I said, those of us that we treated because they couldn’t maintain that diet. It was difficult, but this one man said I’m gonna go all the way with you and he’s off the dialysis machine.

Audience member: Say that again.

Dr Sebi: Because he had adhered to the diet.

Audience member: Oh okay.

Dr Sebi: He went along with the diet that is most necessary.

Audience member: Oh okay. Alright, another question. Like veins in your legs. What do you suggest for that?

Dr Sebi: The same treatment, it’s an intracellular cilation. We are cutting through all the calcium buildup all the cholesterol. All the fat, all the grease we made it out, cleanin it out.

Audience member: Okay. Alright, thank you very much.

Dr Sebi: Thank you.

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  1. Good day, I’m a 15 year old dialysis patient and I am seeking advice on being healed. Can you please help me

  2. Hi.. I am currently on Dialysis.Ive been receiving treatments for 11 years.What can I take to improve my kidney Function? I wa drinking Sea moss gel with my tea.. and I didnt feel any different.Also because I have HyperParathyroidism… I read it was not good for me to take the Sea moss.

  3. I’m trying to find info to help a person on dyalisis. He is a man with limited resources from Honduras (Central America), and can’t afford to pay for treatment. What are some foods he can eat to heal or at least better his condition? What are some he should stop eating? Any other general advice someone can give me? Thank you very much.

  4. You need the real Irish Seamoss that Dr. Sebi talked about (Chondrus Crispus). Most sites promote the sea moss from the Caribbean, Jamaica, or Pacific Oceans (more than likely it’s grasilaria). The real Chondrus Crispus is a red algae that only grows in the cold waters of the northern Atlantic ocean from Ireland (hence IRISH) throughout that region, all the way to Canada, Maine areas. That’s the real deal. The other sea mosses are not the real thing.

  5. I failed to make mention I also have a calcified arota and over weight, I’m at 280 Steroids did a lot of damage to me. Have chest pains periodically as well.

  6. I failed to make mention I also have a calcified arota and over weight, I’m at 280 Steroids did a lot of damage to me.

  7. I have a LOT of problems. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteonecrosis (dead bone) osteopenia (holes in my bones) osteoarthritis (from injuries) osteoporosis (weak bones), swelling in my lower legs and feet, weight gain, 3 eye disease macular degenration and glaucoma, can’t remember the third one, hearing loss due to the nerve damage from head blows in a car wreck, I truly don’t know if that is possible, that is what I was told, it also stretched my optical nerves so they said, right thalmus brain infarction, mucus in my bronchi or lungs I don’t know which wherein sometimes I rattle, not coughing up anything dark. No nasal problems, get tired a LOT, told I need my entire spine rebuilt, right knee and left ankle as well as both hips replaced. I’m not about to go through all that as I’d likely not survive the first one let alone the others. My spine is collapsing however and I can’t sit up for long periods, nor stand for long with great pain. I am a wheelchair user, and walker user. I am on NO MEDICINES except eye drops and IF I could find a way to get off those without going blind, I WOULD LOVE TO. I’m on Azopt, Travatan, Alphagan P, these first 3 are for the gluacoma treatment, Systan for dry eyes and lastly Pataday for itchy eyes. Besides my work injuries (low back and left ankle) the rest of my bone aliments were brought on by treatment of those injuries by CORTICOSTEROID injections nearly monthly for twenty five years, no one told me it was killing my bones. I’m also told I no longer produce bone marrow or saratonin, I don’t know if that is possible either, just what I was told by so called DOCTORS in white coats to whom I never wish to see again. Can you advise me? I can say, I have very LITTLE money, and what bit of research I have done, all these herbs cost a LOT of money, and only rich people can afford to get healthy when doctors intentionally mess them up! Help me please if you can, or am I just to far gone? 🙁 My RA is killing me. I have no doctors except eye doctor and he only orders my eye drops as I’m pretty much just home bound.

    1. Hello,
      Since, you have a lot of problems and not a lot of money, I would suggest to just get Sea Moss. Sea Moss will also help your arthritis. Because your overweight you can try doing some fasting with Sea Moss.

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