Why You Shouldn’t Eat Honey Dr Sebi


Question: One more question, I am taking Sea Moss every morning.

Dr Sebi: That’s good.

Question: With banana, appleā€¦

Dr Sebi: Bananas are acid, apples are acid and you take something that’s alkaline like Sea Moss and you put something acid in it, you have just adulterated it. Eat it by itself. I’ll sweeten it with some maple syrup, don’t put anything else in it.

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Question: How about honey?

Dr Sebi: Honey? That stuff is deadly. One of America’s greatest musician by name of Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet. I met the brother because I met him on three on the same time. This man used to drink two tablespoon of honey every day because at the time in New York in the 50s and the 60s honey was on the top of the list because the Bible talk about honey. But what the people didn’t know that honey the Bible talk about come from a natural bee. The bee that you have today is a hybrid animal, that honey is acid, it is sugar. It would give you diabetes, you tell a diabetic to eat that honey and see was gonna happen.

Sending sugar way out of whack, he died off of a sugar attack in Germany. They were destined to die with that honey, God did not make that bee. The bee that makes the honey that is alkalized is a small little fly, you Jamaicans have seen it. They make the honey in trees, in the holes and they go in the ground. Black America doesn’t know that that’s why they could sell black America anything. Because the one thing you and I have as Caribbeans, we grew up in the middle of the forest. We understand the forest, black America understands asphalt, they don’t know the forest.

So when you put something in front of a black American brothers and sisters, they are handicapped, they don’t know. It’s not that they couldn’t know and they would not like to know, but the environment prevent them from doing certain things. When we on the other hand, we know. Like in Jamaica they have the ecarco or the, or the what they call it, a sugar plum?

Audience member: Coco plum.

Dr Sebi: Coco plum, June plum and then they have the other one they called Muntingia calabura, little yellow cherry. America doesn’t know these things. We have thousands of fruit that America doesn’t know about. We could defend ourselves in the forest because when I went to Africa the same thing I saw in the West Indies, I saw in Africa. I said look at that. You know what shining bush is? Shining bush, right? It goes between a rock, pretty, smells good, you eat that.

That stuff gives you energy immediately, I saw it in Guinea. I saw it all over Zimbabwe. But like I said, I came back disappointed because I found visiting 14 African leaders, 17 different countries, they look at me like I’m stupid. Oh God, this is delicious I said, look at this. Is this how far glucose has traveled and all these years Dr Sebi prides himself on being an African and now that he’s in Africa, they’re looking at him as if though he’s less than equitable. I said man, I’m in trouble.

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